Lawyers for Freedom Flotilla victims reject Palmer report

[ 05/09/2011 – 12:21 PM ]

ISTANBUL, (PIC)– Lawyers for the victims of Freedom Flotilla massacre strongly denounced the UN report (Palmer report) about Israel’s deadly attack on an aid convoy of six ships on May 31, 2010 in international waters of the mediterranean sea.

The lawyers expressed their condemnation in response to leaked documents from a report submitted to the UN by its probe committee led by former New Zealand premier Geoffrey Palmer.

Lawyer Ramadan Nyaba said what was leaked from Palmer report was very reprehensible especially since it coincided with the world day of peace which fell on the first of September.

Nyaba affirmed, on behalf of other lawyers, that they would take all legal measures against Israel, especially with the international criminal court in the Hague, noting they have documents supported by confessions made by Israeli soldiers who carried out the attack.

Nyaba added that the lawyers filed a complaint on behalf of the victims with the court in the Hague and accused Israel of committing crimes against humanity.

In this regard, deputy head of freedom and justice party in Egypt Isam Al-Aryan criticized Palmer report for legalizing Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip and giving it the right to starve one and a half million people.

Aryan hailed Turkey for rejecting this report and the steps it has taken against it and urged the Arab and Islamic governments to support the Turkish position and the moves it intends to take with the international court of justice against Israel and Palmer report.

For his part, Sheikh Hafez Salama, a senior commander from the Egyptian popular resistance during Suez war in 1973, demanded the military council in Egypt to take a position similar to the one taken by Turkey and expel the Israeli ambassador.

“The Turkish government expelled the Zionist ambassador from its territory and severed its ties with the occupation entity for not apologizing for shedding the blood of its Turkish sons during the attack on the Ship Marmara of the Freedom Flotilla, so we must act exactly as Turkey did,” Sheikh Salama stated in a press release.

Many Egyptian political and national figures have demanded lately their government and the military council to expel the Israeli ambassador from Cairo in response to his state’s latest crime which claimed the lives of Egyptian soldiers and injured many others.


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