Davutoglu expects massive Arab intifada against Israel

[ 06/09/2011 – 10:26 AM ]

ANKARA, (PIC)– Turkish foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu warned the Israeli occupation state of a massive Arab uprising against it sooner or later if it persisted in its criminal policies.

Davutoglu made his remarks in a closed meeting of the European foreign ministers which was held last Saturday in Poland, according to Turkish news reports on Monday.

“Because of its intransigence and its arrogant policies, Israel closed the door of hope for peace in the region, so it is more likely that the Arab nations, who are rising in revolt for freedom and democracy, would stand up massively and strongly against Israel, Turkish news agencies quoted the foreign minister as saying.

Davutoglu noted that Israel’s deadly attack on Freedom Flotilla aid convoy in late May last year was not something personal between Ankara and Tel Aviv, but something related to the latter and its respect of the international community, and the global rights and ethics.

The Turkish minister also warned the European union that the coming Arab intifada against Israel might expand and turn into an anti-Europe wave if it continued to cover up for Israel’s actions.

“The European union should avoid dealing with the issue of the Arab spring with the mindset of colonizers and crusaders or through the use of coercion, but it should evaluate this matter according to the values of freedom and democracy, and the Arab yearning for them,” the minister added.


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