Israel violates officials’ rights again: Re-arrests banished Jerusalem MP Abu Tir

[ 06/09/2011 – 11:54 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces have once again placed banished Jerusalem MP Muhammad Abu Tir (Hamas) under arrest after raiding his home in Kafr ‘Aqab, just north of Jerusalem, a statement from the office of Hamas’s legislators in the West Bank says.

Abu Tir was one of the politicians arrested by the Israeli authorities after Hamas was dominant in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections.

He was released in 2010 but barred from entering Jerusalem.

Israel “arrested Abu Tir because he represents the Palestinians and citizens of Jerusalem and not because of a crime or violation that he did,” said a joint statement by Ahmed Atun, Mohammed Totah, and Khalid Abu Arafeh, politicians from the Hamas party who are currently seeking refuge at the Jerusalem Red Cross after the Israeli authorities ordered them too to leave their native city of Jerusalem.

They expressed fears that Abu Tir would be treated as an illegal resident of the West Bank and exiled to the Gaza Strip, as he has been stripped of personal identification documents after he was exiled.

Ahmed Bahar, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, condemned the arrest, affirming that the PLC would continue to fulfill its national duties despite the obstacles aimed at dismantling it.

In a joint statement, PLC members from the Hamas party also condemned the Abu Tir arrest, saying it clearly demonstrated Israel’s racist policies with regard to Jerusalem’s MPs.

The statement calls on Arab and international legislative bodies to urgently stop Israel’s violations against the Palestinians’ elected officials.


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