Al-Jareeda “Israel Palestine under table negotiations”

PNN – Palestine News Network – 08.09.11 – 16:01

Ramallah/ PNN- Translated by: Hazar Khalilieh

Israeli- Palestinian negotiations have recently taken place to postpone the bid for UN state recognition.
According to Al-Jareeda, a Kuwaiti newspaper, under table negotiations are occurring between Israeli and the Palestinian parts in different Arab and European countries.

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has secretly met the Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehoud Barak, several times recently. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is aware of these meetings and planning for a public one with Abbas.
The Israeli party consisted of Yitzhak Molkho, Ron Dermer and Amos Gilad. The Palestinian party consisted of Saeb Erekat, Mohammad Ishtayeh and Yaser Abdr Rabbo. Palestinian and Israeli officers have also attended the meetings.
The two parties found a way to work out their issues.

Al-Jareeda stated that Israel suggested delaying the bid for UN state recognition for at least a year and the Palestinian Authority is considering their suggestion, especially after Netanyahu promised the US he would start negotiations for peace between the two parties.


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