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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Sept 8, 2011 | Gaza has been under siege for 1548 days | Spread the News!

The Palmer Committee Final Report – UN Investigation in the Mavi Marmara Massacre – DOWNLOAD PDF

The Palmer/Uribe Report: Another Attempt by Israel to Whitewash Murder? – PRESS RELEASE

█▌ Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

¡Alerta! La Liga de Defensa Judia (LDJ francesa) convoca milit una ‘excursion sionista de arrase” a #Palestina

▣ Urgent ▣ JDL annonce et organise une expédition militaire de “Solidarite” en Judee Samarie:

Amnesty puts Israel at fault for #flotilla – Jewish Chronicle

Turkish president: We’re headed to ICC over Gaza blockade – Jerusalem Post

IOA explores it’s depths..So U know! A Palestinian state would heighten risk of nuclear war! (Haaretz)

Vittorio Arrigoni trial, day one

Activist: Farmers kept off land near settlement

Holy Land: air attacks make situation in Gaza unbearable

Who Killed Vittorio Arrigoni? Trial Begins

US demands Palestinians drop statehood bid as Israel does a mad dash to build support at the UN

Erdogan: “We Will Protect Our Ships En Route To Gaza”

Silwan youth sentenced to 5 months, after years of Israeli witch hunt, torture & prison

Minister: Israel acts like Somali pirates – Hurriyet Daily News

Campagne de “pipi” contre l’ambassade israélienne au Caire…

Israelis could face trial in The Hague if Palestinian statehood recognized at UN, experts warn

Turkish warships will escort aid vessels to Gaza

Mer-Khemis Investigation: Staging the Shutdown of Freedom Theater

US Openly & Formally Announces It Would Veto Palestinian Statehood/1/

The PA doesn’t represent me; why should I trust its statehood bid?: Sameeha Elwan The Electronic Inti…

‘Nation’ features brave new coalition of young and old non-Zionist Jews (taking on ‘racist breeding project’)

PCBS: Illiteracy rates drop in Palestinian territories

Israeli Army Threatens Palestinian Village of Umm Al Kheer with Demo

Tehran to hold intl. intifada conference

The differences between J Street and AIPAC continue to shrink:

Mayor Barakat opens Palestinian school year in cynical media move

Representative of Ban Ki-moon meets with members of Palestine – Demotix

ISRAEL WEST BANK / HEBRON HILLS DEMOLITION : As discussions on Palestinian statehood get…

Who can represent Palestinians at the UN?

Israel threatens to deny PA tax $, annex more of W Bank and cancel Oslo Accords if Palestine goes to UN:

MaxBlumenthal: Pro-settler law firm Shurat Hadin claims Brandeis U is a hotbed of anti-Semitism.

DARG Team – Incoming Album |

Activist: Farmers kept off land near settlement

Follow Larry Toenjes As He Sails to the Location of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

For the Love of Israel: Congresswoman’s Misguided War on the UN – by Ramzy Baroud

“Deputy Knesset Speaker initiating process for declaring Israeli sovereignty in Jewish communities of Judea & Samaria”

Support the Palestinian Initiative in the UN for Statehood

Al-Jareeda “Israel Palestine under table negotiations”

A thousand-and-one reasons why Palestine must get independence

Palestinian Committee confirms Sep.22 date for UN Statehood bid

Catholic protest at fate of children of Filipino workers in Israel (Jews for Justice for Palestinians)

1.2M of 1.5M people in Gaza are UNRWA registered refugees, with unemployment at about 45%

American Envoy failed

Liberating the Palestinian voice

Book Review: Pappe reassesses legacy of Palestinian dynasty

Arrests of 100+ ‘Hamas agents’ in West Bank seem to be Israel’s latest effort to thwart Palestinian reconciliation

South Africa Supports Palestinian Bid to UN

Jpost: Turkish PM: Warships will escort future aid vessels to Gaza

Palestinians launch UN campaign as leaders meet in Ramallah

Mahmoud Awad appointed deputy PM in Gaza

EU diplomats tour village threatened by wall

افتتاح نفق مزدوج اسفل حي وادي حلوه بسلوان بحماية عسكرية كب…

Poem ‘The Age of Innocence’ by @ANaderGretly it’s dedicated to the children of #Palestine

A Report about the 1st hearing abut the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni:

Israel banned the call to prayer from the Ibrahimi Mosque 47 times during Ramadan

Peace Now report claims that illegal settlement construction rate is twice that of building in Israel

Sunday Hearing in Bassem Tamimi’s Trial Canceled by Military Prosecution. See

Arrests as protesters try to storm Tel Aviv city hall

UN report a farce

Easter 2011: Israel rejected approx. 90% of Christian Palestinian applications for religious permits to access Jerusalem from the West Bank

IDF sends drones to kill Gaza militants, US informed

The kidnapping of a ten year old child and assaulting him

New Israeli Raids East Jabaliya

Israel’s UN Ambassador Held 70 Meetings With Counterparts

More condemnations, yet no one endorses actions: British minister condemns arson attack on West Bank mosque

Soldiers demolish wells & Farmlands while Settlers Attack Nablus

Israeli held for stoning Egyptian consulate

Israel to the world: the Palestinian bid will not lead to Peace

Italian activist’s murder trial due to start in Gaza

PPSF member detained at Ramallah checkpoint

TRC to modernize water pipeline network in Gaza

Israeli air bombing of car in Gaza kills resistance fighter

As Turkey Freezes Israel Ties, Critics Decry “Whitewashed” UN Report on Gaza Flotilla 1 of 2 (Democracy Now!)

Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza

The September entitlement: Behind the headlines

Italian activists’ murder trial due to start in Gaza

13 Palestinians snatched by Israeli soldiers during the night. They could be released, tried, or detained w/out trial.!/benabyad/status/111712084168941568

Who recognizes Palestine

US National Building Museum Cancels Caterpillar Award Ceremony

▣ FAQ ▣ Palestine Statehood Bid

Bil’in: Occupation Soldiers Harass Three Villagers – Sept 7, 2011 – video

Police Brutality at “Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity” vigil in Silwan – Sept 6, 2011 – video

Silwan “Archaeological Conference” Demo – Sept 1, 2011 – video

Hundreds of Jewish settlers storm Nabi Yusuf tomb

Hamas denounces preventive security storming of released MP’s home

Prisoners’ Affairs Ministry: Israel arrested 420 Palestinians in Ramadan

Statement for USS Liberty memorial service  | ISM |

Sit-in over political prisoners to be held in Al-Khalil Thursday

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