PALESTINE NEWS | Sept 9, 2011


Photography by Ahmad Mesleh

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Sept 9, 2011 | Gaza has been under siege for 1549 days | Spread the News!

The Palmer Committee Final Report – UN Investigation in the Mavi Marmara Massacre – DOWNLOAD PDF

The Palmer/Uribe Report: Another Attempt by Israel to Whitewash Murder? – PRESS RELEASE

█▌ Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

▣¡Alerta!▣ La Liga de Defensa Judia (LDJ francesa) convoca milit una ‘excursion sionista de arrase” a #Palestina

▣ Urgent ▣ JDL annonce et organise une expédition militaire de “Solidarite” en Judee Samarie:

Flashpoints Radio (@FlashpointsNews) interviews @norabf on the background of the #Irvine11 trial

Israel monitored ‘travel schedules’ of US politicians

Egypt to stop issuing tourist visas on arrival

BREAKING: Israeli Channel 10 anchorman resigned live on prime time after being forced to apologize to Sheldon Adelson!/972mag/status/112234015695712256

Belgium has no govt, yet acting PM wants to increase trade with Israel; my latest for @intifada Electronic Intifada

Nabi Saleh rally holds mock funeral for Oslo Accords

Construction per person in the settlements is nearly twice than in Israel

Hate Muslims and multiculturalism? Welcome to the Zionist party

▣ Updated!  ▣    #Egypt – A Nice Friday to Tear Down an Israeli Wall – in pictures

Photos: les Egyptiens font tomber le mur protégeant l’ambassade israélienne du Caire

Egyptian protesters break down Israeli embassy fence

Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Brijya, spokesperson of popular committee in Al Ma’sara

PHOTOS | #Bilin demonstration 09-09-2011 |

Israel’s diplomatic tsunami

Life on Bir Zeit Campus: Settlers Write Racist Graffiti on BZU Walls

سرايا القدس تزف إلى الحور العين شهيدها القائد رماح الحسنى من مدينة غزة

Photos of the slogans which Jewish settlers apparently spray painted on the walls of Bir Zeit university today

“Mohamed is dead”; “Jews, lets be victorious”; “price tag”; ” wait ramat migron and murder” #BZU slogans by Israeli settlers today #Terror!/DeirQaddis/status/112195078256205824

One arrested at Al Ma’sara Demonstration

Tunisia to support #Palestine UN bid

Report: Minnesota Jewish group helped Israeli government monitor ‘bad Muslim,’ Rep. Ellison

Doc on manipulation on the Internet begins with anti-flotilla hoax busted by EI

Palestinians rally in Ramallah, PA leaders meet

Israel today conducted at least 50 violations against human rights in few hours! at least 10 of them in #Nabisaleh!/Palestine15Mar/status/112181181897912320

Israeli settlers attack mosque in northern West Bank town of Yatma

Jewish settlers demand legal cover for killing Palestinian demonstrators

IOF Arrest 3 Palestinians in Qalqilya

Zionists dominate US foreign policy

Sweden representative office upgraded to embassy

Israel: Turkey threat of warships to Gaza ‘grave’

Hamas considers moving HQ to Cairo

Gunshots fired at western Negev homes

Father: Israel ready to free 1,000 prisoners for Shalit

Activist: Settlers vandalize family tent

9-year-old drowns off Gaza coast

Palestinian Observer Mission Assures Skeptics: Statehood Will Not Endanger Refugee Rights

Israel: “Snipers Fired Ten Rounds Into Homes Close To Gaza Border

▣ New Album ▣  This is Gaza…. – in pictures

What country prevents doctors from traveling abroad to take part in international medical conferences?

Israel relaxes demands in Shalit talks with Hamas, report says

“Net” is closing around IOA… it was a good #Egyptian “fishing day”! : #Egypt arrests Israeli guards mid-sea:,7340,L-4119978,00.html

Daily apartheid Isreality MT @EAPPI Yday Israeli forces flattened house & residential tent donated by NGO, displacing 20 in S.Hebron Hills while 2 days ago in the newspapers:!/benabyad/status/112071454593527808

Israel suspends demolition of Palestinian homes

مواجهات تندلع بعد محاولة اعتقال

▣ For “Israel” #TRUTH does NOT matter, only (Mute) buttons do ▣ “For Tweeting until Termination”

Palestinian and Israeli leftwing groups sign on to J14 protest, opposing occupation

IDF: Palestinian Kindergarten ‘Terror Center’

French street artist launches new project in West Bank

Bloomberg: Abbas Says Blair ‘Cooking Something’ to Stop UN Statehood Bid

Detainee marks 22 years in prison

FM also plans talks w/ PKK leaders to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area”

UN Secretary-General Supports Full Palestinian Membership

US vows to veto Palestinian statehood bid

Legal Double Standards: the Case of Itamar Awarta

Arraf and Finkelstein rip ‘farce’ UN flotilla report on

US Congress members take junket to Israel: who wins and who loses?

Away from UN debate, Palestinian camp on edge

The Mysterious Raid on Eilat: Why No One Wants to Dig Too Deep,8599,2092310,00.html?xid=rss-world&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fworld+%28TIME%3A+Top+World+Stories%29

Palestinian state long overdue: UN chief

The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland (MOCHA) has cancelled this exhibit of art by Palestinian children , claims that MOCHA came under pressure from pro-Israel organizations in San Francisco Bay Area to cancel Palestinian children’s art exhibit

Palestinian Leader Says U.S. ‘Too Late’ on U.N. Bid: RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian presi…

The @JihadiJew hits the Jewish press.

“Palestine UN Seat” Makes It In Brussels

German FM to Visit West Bank Next Sunday to Warn Against Statehood Bid

Palestine has met all prerequisities to statehood listed in the Montevideo Convention.!/ambsiam/status/112018914422173696

Erdogan: Turkish forces to escort aid to Gaza

Turkey vows to challenge Israel at sea

Venezuela and Turkey Strengthen Ties, Vow to Defend “Cause of Palestine”

The PA doesn’t represent me; why should I trust its statehood bid? ~ by Sameeha88

Clampdown on J14: Main camps evicted, at least 40 arrested

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