PALESTINE NEWS | Sept 10, 2011


Photography by Ahmad Mesleh

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات

Sept 10, 2011 | Gaza has been under siege for 1550 days | Spread the News!

The Palmer Committee Final Report – UN Investigation in the Mavi Marmara Massacre – DOWNLOAD PDF

The Palmer/Uribe Report: Another Attempt by Israel to Whitewash Murder? – PRESS RELEASE

█▌ Make A Dream Come True : Just Once, Please – for Nader K.

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Israel Apartheid, a Beginners Guide ~ by Ben White:

▣¡Alerta!▣ La Liga de Defensa Judia (LDJ francesa) convoca milit una ‘excursion sionista de arrase” a #Palestina

▣ Urgent ▣ JDL annonce et organise une expédition militaire de “Solidarite” en Judee Samarie:

Ali Abunimah: Lawsuit filed against Olympia Food Co-op, seeks to force end to Israel boycott

Press Release: Israeli settlers set fire to an house-tent in the palestinian village of Susiya

Giza governor promises not to build another wall around Israeli Embassy

Reminder: Netanyahu is responsible for Lieberman & “puts his own interest before that of the country”

Unknown gunmen shoot Qalqiliya man

Birzeit University Students, Staff Protest Settlers’ Vandalism of Campus

Regarding the Israeli Embassy and the clashes to this endless talk

Israel is paying for Gaza war with Turkey and Egypt crises

Israeli settlers vandalise family’s tent in south Hebron hills

Israel wants Egyptian treaty to collapse – video

More than 1,000 injured, 3 dead in Egypt violence

Palestinians and Israelis control cross-border blaze

Settlers announce plan to shoot Palestinian protesters (and they demand legal protection for it)

Egypt vows to try those who targeted Israel mission

Fakhoora Starts Phase Two to Empower Gaza Youth

PFLP says it will back UN bid for membership

126 UN member support Palestine independence

Public Military Trial for Arrigoni’s Alleged Killers

#US will veto Palestinian statehood bid at #UN

PA police dismantle Israeli ordnance near Nablus

OCHA: Movement restrictions in occupied West Bank affecting 200,000 Palestinians

Jordanians protest for constitution reform

Settlers and Israeli military team up to intimidate Kufr Qaddoum


IOA imposes Judaized textbooks on Palestinian schools of J’lem

Palestinian officials warn Israel maybe planning to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque

IOF soldiers raze artesian water wells in central Jordan Valley

Palestinians hold non-violent protests in four West Bank villages

Disappointment at the United Nations: The Palmer Report on the Flotilla Incident of 31 May 2010 – by Prof Em Richard Falk

Dozens injured as IOF cracked down on West Bank marches

EU tells Turkey not to threaten Cyprus

Abbas to drink tea (again) with Baroness Ashton & Erdogan in #Cairo :

The removal of the Israeli flag from Israel’s Embassy in Egypt – #FlagMan2

“Illegal in their own country”-This shows how Israel laws are pure evil against Palestine Arabs. Haaretz:

With focus on bogus “statehood” bid, Israel resumes home demolitions, threat to schools

Gilad Atzmon: Egyptians Stormed Israeli Embassy, Other Nations shld Do The Same

Israel Foreign Minister is planning to set meetings with the heads of Kurdish rebel group PKK in Europe

House of Horrors | Intifada Palestine “The entire litany of vicious crimes against humanity….belongs to America”

Hamas considers moving headquarters to Cairo

Israeli envoy leaves after Cairo embassy attack

Israel is planning to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque

“Snipers fired ten rounds into homes close to Gaza\”: Al Qassam website- Israeli Report- Israeli occupation med…

UPDATE: Lawsuit filed against Olympia Food Co-op, seeks to force end to Israel boycott

Bulletin: Children’s pictures from Gaza are banned in Bay Area

Opinion: Was there an alternative to the United States’ response to #9/11? asks Noam Chomsky

Can the P.A. demand US help in defending West Bank university and mosques against Israeli mob attacks?,7340,L-4120144,00.html

Al Jazeera Arabic #BREAKING :a former police cheif has been killed and up to 250 protesters injured in #IsraeliEmbassy incidents til now.!/itsEnas/status/112307580298207232

Readout of Obama’s call w Bibi on #israeliembassy via @acarvin

Documents from the Israeli Embassy shows that Egyptian security officials were on the Embassy’s payroll #israeliembassy”!/aymanqwaider/status/112303422212018177

Confirmed via @Reuters: Israel seeks US help to guard #israeliembassy in Cairo

Egyptian protesters reach entrance of Israeli embassy, documents flying over Cairo

The two-tier system of law Israel has established in the West Bank recalls the Jim Crow laws of the American South

Time to blockade the real ‘threat’

Egypt succeed in getting the Israeli flag down the Embassy for 2nd time – video

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