Birzeit University Students, Staff Protest Settlers’ Vandalism of Campus

Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA  | Sept 10, 2011

RAMALLAH, September 10, 2011 (WAFA) – Students, administrative staff and workers at Birzeit University (BZU), north of Ramallah, Saturday protested the Jewish settlers’ vandalism of campus on Friday.

The protest, organized by BZU students and staff, condemned the vandalism whereby settlers sprayed offensive and racist Hebrew graffiti on the campus’ outer walls, threatening retaliation against the students if the Palestinian leadership continues with its plan to seek United Nations full membership of a Palestinian state later this month.

BZU president, Khalil al-Hindy, said the response to settlers’ provocative actions is to maintain utmost self-restraint and calm, as well as continue the Palestinian academic process.

Elaine Kattab, secretary of the university’s workers unions, condemned the settlers’ “cowardly action” and called on the Palestinian Authority and factions to protect the academic and national institutions during the critical time coinciding with the Palestinian bid to UN.

Majdi al-Hafi, president of the BZU student council, said the settlers’ attack aims to create inner tension and to provoke students to suspend studies and clash with Israeli soldiers at a time when the Palestinian leadership is seeking full UN membership. He stressed that studies will continue at the university as normal.

Members of the student body put up tents at the campus’ entrances after the protest to maintain presence at the campus and to defend it in case the settlers return.



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