Islamic-Christian Front: Israel to blame over West Bank settler attacks

[ 12/09/2011 – 10:23 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Hassan Khatir, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Front in Jerusalem, accused Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories of organizing a long running campaign of terror against Palestinian natives, assigning blame to the Jewish rabbis and criticizing the Muslims over their silence.

In the past week, Jewish settlers in the West Bank set fire to a mosque in Qusra village near Nablus and sprayed graffiti slogans defaming the Prophet Muhammad and calling for death to Arabs on a wall in Birzeit University, near Ramallah, as well as on a mosque in a nearby town.

In an interview with Al-Quds Satellite Channel on Sunday, Khatir held Jewish rabbis fully responsible for the acts of aggression, saying that those rabbis issued religious opinions warranting the attack of Jewish settlers on Palestinians, their property and holy sites in the West Bank.

He added that the ban on such religious edicts by the Israeli occupation authorities was only formal, saying that Israel is trying to create an environment conducive to extremism in order to establish a state of extremists that can counter a future Palestinian state.

Khatir also spoke about the Arab and Muslim response to the recent string of settler attacks, saying: “Where is the Muslim nation? This nation does not move or show any position against the attacks. Al-Aqsa Mosque is violated every day.” He asserted that Israel would never have dared to take such measures should the Muslims have taken a firm stance.

Khatir directed a message at the world, saying all of the mosques in the occupied Palestinian territories are at risk, calling on the international community to take steps to protect the holy sites and stop Jewish extremism.


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