MP Rawya Shawa to Abbas: Tell Palestinians what to expect in September

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[ 12/09/2011 – 10:06 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– MP Rawya Shawa has called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to explain to the Palestinians in detail what exactly he would request from the United Nations in September.

She added that Abbas must consult with all Palestinian forces and communities on such crucial issues and explain in detail all what concerns such a step.

“The step of switching representation from an organization to a state could have negative repercussions, especially on Palestinians in the diaspora and on the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and the ability to continue representation in the institutions of the United Nations and other international organizations,” MP Shawa said in statement on Sunday.

“The Palestinian Authority should have weighed the step in advance in all its aspects, including the legal ones, and discussed the matter in depth with specialists instead of handing all the cards to the politicians, who have been negotiating for more than 18 years without results,” said Shawa, who is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

In the statement, Shawa wondered whether going to the United Nations would be a preliminary or tactical step, saying the Palestinian leadership has been greatly delayed in going to the UN to ask for a legitimate state after peace efforts failed with the Oslo Accords.

Shawa also inquired whether the Palestinians would make the request with the Security Council after knowing that the U.S. would veto any decisions for statehood, as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged just a few days back, or whether any political objectives or real Independence would be achieved by going to the General Assembly, where winning the vote is still possible.

Shawa also called for telling the Palestinians the desired results to be produced from the step, so that citizens can prepare to become real partners and defend the step when the need arises, saying that the Palestinians are desperately waiting for a serious resolution since the signing of the Oslo Accords, which were much to the interest of the Israelis.


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