IOF levels homes, structures in Al-Khalil

[ 13/09/2011 – 12:52 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation forces were deployed heavily in Al-Khalil governorate in the West Bank on Tuesday morning in an apparent demolition spree.

Locals spotted a large force of military personnel entering the town of Bayt Ummar in the northern part of the governorate at early morning and crushing part of a home on Al-Khalil-Jerusalem road. They said the house was under construction for the past 16 years because of previous demolition notices.

An Israeli force leveled near the same road a car shack, destroying with it retaining walls and several cars parked in front, and excavating the surrounding area, sources added.

IOF troops also removed all stalls for selling produce at the town’s entrance near the main road and handed one local a demolition notice.

To the northwest of Al-Khalil, the IOF handed several evacuation notices against Palestinian residences in the town of Beyt Ula, alleging that the those lands fell east of the separation barrier.

The IOF seeks to rid the land of its native population by confiscating land, said Issa al-Umla, who coordinates the local anti-apartheid wall committee.


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