Settlers set fire to tent of woman seeking property reclamation

[ 12/09/2011 – 09:42 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers set fire Monday to the tent of an old Palestinian woman whose property they usurped in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah district.

The woman Rifqa al-Kurd was camping out there to protest the fact that the Jews who settled there had acquired the land illegally from her family’s assets.

Kurd said her son woke up when he heard rapid sounds on the property at 2:30am and found that fire had been ignited on the tent they were using to sit in.

She added that all of the tent’s contents as well as a camera she set up on the outside had been burned.

She went on to say that youths rushed to call emergency services, which managed to extinguish the flames.

The settlers who occupied part of her property had cut power from the neighborhood and damaged the camera before the arson, said Kurd.

Locals said the number of attacks on the Kurds as well as other Palestinian families whose property was usurped by force of arms have seen a sharp rise recently. They said the settlers seek to rid the entire region of its Palestinian population with sights set on establishing a massive settler community and completely Judaizing the area.

Also on Monday, Jewish settlers set fire to two cars owned by Palestinians, inflicted significant damage on the contents of a home, and uprooted dozens of grapevines in a number of separate attacks that took place on Monday morning against Palestinian localities near Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Sources said that settlers armed with machine guns and clubs attacked the home of a Palestinian resident of the West Bank village of Burqa, northwest of Nablus, early Monday morning and burnt two cars after raiding the residence, causing damage and assaulting residents.

In Halhul, just north of Al-Khalil in southern West Bank, Israeli settlers uprooted some 176 four-year-old grapevines in a terror attack on a Palestinian farm.


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