West Bank settlers ready for Palestinian violence

▣ Note of occupied palestine: The JDL, an offspring of the terror-listed Meir Kahane’s Kach movement, has announced on September 3rd 2011 to “organize” a trip for “solidarity” supporters, but only those with military experience were allowed to “enlist”.

Almost one week later on September 11, 2011 – Haaretz brings the “News” explaining in the bottom of the article, some of the militants had already arrived, so it is most likely, it will neither try to prevent others for the same cause to enter for a rampage

Israel provided the colonists in the illegal settlements already with weaponry, chemical weapons, tear gas and trained attack dogs.

Last weeks a sharp increase of settler violence takes place in West Bank of Palestine under the pretext of so called violence concerning to the Palestinian bid for Statehood at the UN, or price tag attacks.

Maan News Agency | September 15, 2011

HEBRON (Reuters) – Jewish settlers from the southern West Bank held a final security exercise on Wednesday, in preparation for possible violence after a planned Palestinian statehood bid later this month.

Civil security response teams from Kiryat Arba and the Jewish settlement in the Palestinian city of Hebron practiced several scenarios including a Palestinian march infiltrating a settlement security fence and an attack on a school.

Tens of Kiryat Arba high-school students participated in the drill, imitating the Palestinian infiltrators calling for the death of Jews and covering their faces.

Israeli security forces regularly train settlers emergency response teams, who are at times the first to arrive to violent scenes as the killing of five settler family members in the northern West Bank in March. The Israeli army is also the one providing response teams with weapons.

Israeli military spokesperson unit denied the military was involved in any manner in Wednesday’s drill.

“We are holding a mock drill preparing for what is about to happen…the violence by the Arabs after after the UN announcement,” a teen posing as a Palestinian protester told Reuters television during the drill.

“What they did here is Arabs arriving to the settlement’s fence, as we are supposed to be seeing in September, and also an infiltration of terrorists into a religious school compound,” explained Ofer Ohana, CEO of rescue service in the Judea and Samaria region.

“I want to add that ten years ago right in this spot there was an infiltration of terrorists, that thank God has ended in a miracle… with God’s help, that all events will end in this way when the terrorists are killed and we have no casualties,” Ohana added.

Israel is wary of large-scale protests by Palestinians as their leaders sidestep stalled peace talks by appealing for United Nations statehood recognition this month. A similar deadlock in 2000 triggered a Palestinian revolt that Israel fueled with military crackdowns, resulting in a heavy death toll among unarmed protesters.

The administration of U.S.-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has denied seeking bloodshed and Israeli officials said it was too early to know how this month’s showdown at the United Nations would resonate locally.


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