Hamas and Fatah stress necessity of achieving national reconciliation

[ 16/09/2011 – 12:00 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas and Fatah stressed Thursday the significance of achieving national reconciliation, and stressed that political arrest should stop and all political detainees should be immediately released.

PIC correspondent in the Gaza Strip pointed out that the meeting between the two delegations lasted for 90 minutes where the two movements emphasized the need to implement the Cairo agreement without alteration.

Hamas was represented by MP Ismael Al-Ashqar, Dr. Imael radwan, and Khalil Nofal, while Abdullah Abu Samahdaneh, Dyab Al-Loh, and Hisham Abdul Razek represented Fatah, the PIC correspondent reported.

In an interview with the PIC after the meeting, Radwan confirmed that the meeting was arranged in advance and that it discussed a number of issues that concern the Palestinian affairs, but, he added, the focus was on the reconciliation file and the necessity to activate it, the need to release all political detainees, and to issue the needed passports to the people in the Gaza Strip.

When asked on the position of the Fatah delegation over the failure of their mother movement to meet its pledge of releasing all political detainees before Eid al-Fitr, Radwan replied “the delegation stressed that all these files must be concluded”, adding that the delegation of Fatah pledged to keep contacting their mother movement till the agreement is completely carried out.

Radwan also commented on the PLO move to seek a seat at the United Nations, saying that stands of the Palestinian factions vary in this regard, and “we in Hamas have clearly voiced out our position regarding it”.

For his part, Al-Loh said that the meeting was fruitful and discussed relations between the two movements, stressing the necessity to build trust and confidence between the two movements, to issue the passports, and to free all political detainees in the West Bank.

He also pointed out that both movements highlighted the significance of preserving firm and strong internal front and keep the momentum of the positive spirit that prevailed in the Palestinian arena after the signing of the Cairo agreement.


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