IOA plans to uproot Jahaleen Arabs out of O. Jerusalem

[ 16/09/2011 – 03:36 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has issued a military order Thursday of removing the Jahaleen Arabs out of their homes in the city so as to build and expand new settlements, Hebrew sources revealed.

In an interview with channel 1 in the Israeli television, the spokesman of the Israeli “civil” administration said that the Jahaleen Arabs residing in Alaizariah suburb in occupied Jerusalem will be moved out of their homes because they pose “security threat” to the area.

He added that new Israeli settlements will be built on the hundreds of thousands of square meters of the lands of the Jahaleen Arabs that they currently use as pastures for their livestock.

Dozens of Bedouin families are dwelling in the area, but they said they don’t know where to go in case the IOA carried out the order.

“The IOA is making life difficult for us in all aspects with the aim to force us out of our land so as to built new settlements on the ruins of our homes and tents.. it is not the first time for them to do as they tried it before and indeed destroyed our tents”, said sheikh Hammad Abu Ali, one of the elders of the Jahaleen Arabs.


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