Israel continues plighting Gaza fishermen – video

PressTV – Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:33AM GMT

Israel’s Navy continues patrolling the Gaza Strip’s coastline around the clock to enforce Tel Aviv’s all-out blockade on the coastal sliver and a related 3-mile (4.82-kilometer) fishing limit, Press TV has reported.

The strict surveillance, which includes recurrent use of violence, has left hundreds of Gazan fishermen jobless, Press TV’s correspondent Yousef al-Helou reported from the enclave.

Recently, the Navy abducted eight fishermen, before subjecting them to interrogation and confiscating their boats.

“It was 6:30 in the morning, when an Israeli gunboat approached us and asked us to take off our clothing,” said a fisherman.

“And then handcuffed us, blindfolded us, and took us to the Ashdod port (in Israel’s Southern District) for interrogation,” he added.

Israel has subjected Gaza to an all-out land, naval, and aerial blockade for almost three years. The restrictions have deprived 1.5 million Palestinians there of food, fuel, and other necessities.

Israel says that the siege is a so-called precaution against arms reaching Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups. The fishermen, however, dismissed the allegation, saying that Israel’s attacks against them took place in the wider context of its systematic decimation of Gaza’s economy.

A female in the trade said, “I was at sea at night, when a gunboat appeared out of nowhere. First they fired in the air and then started firing heavy weaponry at my little boat. Thank God I escaped any serious injury.”

The head of the fishing syndicate in Gaza said that, since the year 2000, seven fishermen had been killed, scores injured, and hundreds abducted for interrogation, including many, who are still imprisoned in Israeli jails.


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