Palestinian factions: PLO step to seek seat in the UN threatens the cause

[ 16/09/2011 – 11:47 AM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– The Damascus- based central leadership of the Palestinian factions alliance has strongly criticized Thursday the PLO move to seek a seat at the UN, stressing that the step was far from any national strategy for liberation and resistance.

In a statement it issued in this regard, the central leadership opined that the attempt of the PLO and the PA to go to the UN and apply for full membership in the UN was meant to revive the “barren” negotiations path, warning that the step undermines the national fundamentals of the Palestinian people including the right of return.

The general-secretaries of the member-factions in the alliance underlined that a comprehensive political review is needed before taking such a step, and that the options of the Palestinian people must be taken into consideration before taking it.

“It should be clear that any Palestinian or Arab move in this regard shouldn’t be at the expense of the Palestinian people national and historical rights in their land especially the right of return and Jerusalem. We have been struggling over the past six decades to establish a genuine and viable Palestinian state,” the factions’ leaders said in a statement they issued at the conclusion of the meeting.

The alliance also underscored that resistance against the occupation was the only way to retrieve the Palestinian usurped rights and to achieve the national aspirations of the Palestinian people without recognizing the “enemy”.



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