Palestinian shot by armed settlers

PressTV –  Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:43PM GMT |LAST UPDATE

Palestinian youths evacuate a man injured by Israeli forces following clashes with Israeli settlers in the northern West Bank town of Kusra, September 16, 2011.
One Palestinian has been wounded in a clash with Israeli settlers in the West Bank, as Palestinians prepare to seek International Criminal Court intervention over the issue of illegal settlements.

One Palestinian and an Israeli settler were wounded on Friday in clashes in the village of Kusra in the northern West Bank, AFP reported.

Palestinian officials said the incident took place when around a dozen settlers tried to enter Kusra but were stopped by residents who feared they were about to be attacked. One settler drew a pistol and shot a Palestinian in the leg.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the clash took place in a disputed area outside Kusra between residents and people from the nearby settlement of Esh Hakodesh. She said the wounded Israeli had been stabbed and confirmed a Palestinian resident had also been shot.

The clash comes at a time when Israeli settlers are enraged by the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations, and fear that Palestinian may resort to the International Criminal Court to put an end to the expansion of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Israel has mobilized three battalions of reservists — some 1,500 personnel – and reinforced units already deployed in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli army has also reported upped its presence around the settlements in the West Bank.

On September 9, extremist Israelis attacked the Palestinian town of Birzeit near the West Bank city of Ramallah and sprayed graffiti on the walls of a mosque and a university.

Palestinian security officials that “Death to the Arabs” and slogans insulting the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were painted in Hebrew.



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