Women’s demonstration for a Palestinian State

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ennahar 17 September, 2011 06:02:00

Hundreds of Palestinian and Israeli women have demonstrated Saturday on both sides of Kalandia Israeli checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, in favour of a Palestinian state at the UN.

“Abu Mazen do not hesitate, we are with you”, “Israel out, out, Palestine independent state,” chanted the Palestinian protesters in the main passage between Jerusalem and Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, alias Abu Mazen, announced Friday that he would make September 23 the membership application of a State of Palestine to the UN, which must be submitted to the Security Council, an initiative opposed by the United States and denounced by Israel.

The protesters came from Ramallah, the seat of the Palestinian Authority, from Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank, at the call for pro-Palestinian groups, feminist and anti-Israeli settlement movements.
They came together, separately, under the slogan, “Women want an independent Palestine.”

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