Hamas: West eager to divert uprisings

PressTV –  Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:53AM

Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Moussa Abu Marzouk
Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Chairman Moussa Abu Marzouk says Western states are trying to divert recent uprisings in the region, Press TV reports.

“Arrogant powers are creating deviant movements to divert the recent uprisings but they won’t be able to stop them,” he said during a speech at the first International Conference on Islamic Awakening in Iran’s capital Tehran on Sunday.

“People from all walks of life, especially the youths, are fighting for victory and freedom in the Arab world and no one believes the claims by the West over bringing freedom to the region,” Abu Marzouk added.

The US and its allies are trying to impose authoritarian regimes over states in the region and to continue plundering national wealth and resources of Muslim countries, he argued.

On the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the senior Hamas official noted that Palestinians must continue with their resistance against the Israeli regime as an only option to liberate their land.

The Islamic Awakening movement in the Arab world served as a example for Palestinians, giving them even more optimism that their resistance efforts can eventually lead to the liberation of Palestine, Abu Marzouk said.

More than 700 scholars take part in the two-day international conference that is due to wrap up later on Sunday..

The event has been organized to facilitate further discussion and analysis about the history and basic tenets of the Islamic Awakening, as well as the figures that played major roles in such movements in the Middle East and North Africa.



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