PIJ chief: UN bid comes after PA peace talk failure

[ 18/09/2011 – 12:54 PM ]

TEHRAN, (PIC)– Ramadan Shallah, secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) downplayed the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s UN bid for state recognition, calling it the result of the PA’s “sense of failure” in the peace process with Israel.

“The decision-maker in negotiations should have instead referred to the Palestinians to agree on a new strategy in harmony with movements on the ‘Arab street’,” Shallah said during the International Conference on Islamic Awakening held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

Shallah emphasized his objection to talks of the Palestinian state being reserved to 1967 borders, adding that “to us, Palestine is the entire Palestine … and Jerusalem is its capital”.

In a separate statement, the Palestinian Freedom Movement (Ahrar) said that Abbas’s speech on Friday affirming that he would go ahead with the UN application entailed a message of reassurance to the Israeli occupation authorities.

The statement also asserts that the Palestinian Liberation Organization, in its current form, does not represent all Palestinians.

Some of the risks involved in the UN bid are that Israel would be given control of 78 percent of the historic Palestinian territories and the refugees’ right of return would be relinquished.

Political analyst Wassam Afifa said Abbas’s speech on Friday was aimed at salvaging him from the failed peace process.

“September (when the UN bid would take place) is a ‘rest station’ for a negotiator: he is thereby able to preoccupy Israel and the Palestinians in wait of developments,” Afifa said in an interview with the Palestinian information center, noting that Abbas wanted to resume negotiations instead of the UN bid.

He also highlighted that Abbas’s statements on peace talks with Israel have been conflicting, as he has sometimes pronounced them as failed, but he has also stated that he wanted to resume the talks.

PIJ chief: UN bid comes after PA peace talk failure.

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