Ambassador: Spain Will Convince EU to Support Palestine at UN

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PNN – Palestine News Network19.09.11 – 12:06

Kifah Odeh, the Palestinian ambassador to Spain, declared after a meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez that he was assured of Spanish diplomatic efforts in support of the .Palestinian statehood bid at the UN


Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez (Wikipedia).

In an interview with Citizens Radio, the ambassador expressed his hope that Spain would vote in favor of Palestine at the General Assembly of the UN and secure the votes of the other EU countries.

He stressed that Spain is trying to influence the direction of the EU to recognize the state of Palestine at the UN, pointing to a July 2011 request to the same effect by the Spanish government.

Former Spanish Prime Minister Gonzalez told Palestinians earlier this week, “Take your position and you will find everyone behind you and supporting you.”

Gonzalez also said he had met with the leaders of Palestinian political parties and civil society organizations in preparation for the the bid.


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