Israeli army detains citizens and increases checkpoints and presence in villages

PNN – Palestine News Network – 20.09.11 – 15:21

The Israeli army detained citizen Baha’ Jaser Abdel -Razaq from Deit Ballut, Salfit, on Tuesday morning. The army arrested Abdel-Razaq in an olive field near “Al Ze’if’ settlement while he was checking on the trees and preparing for picking season.

Settlers attacked Kafur Hares, Salfit. According to Wafa, witnesses said dozens of settlers attacked houses and threw stones. Witnesses believe the settlers are trying to provoke citizens in Hares, Kufur Hares and Deir Astia. Citizens are afraid of settler attacks especially because the Israeli army protects and helps the settlers in their attacks.

Image The Israeli army has increased its presence at the entrances of Hebron and turned many houses into military barracks. The army also erected several checkpoints around the province. Palestinian liable resources said Israeli soldiers turned Yousef Awwad Badran in Asida, Beit Omar, to a military barrack. Israeli troops also roamed around the towns of Dahriyeh, Jeser Halhul, Geit Kahel, Bani Nueim and Fuar camp. The military put checkpoints on the entrances of the towns of Seir, east Hebron and Al-Dahiryeh in the southern side. Soldiers were stopping cars and checking the citizens’ IDs.
The Israeli army erected two checkpoints in west Jenin last night and intensified its presence in the eastern areas of the city. Military practices took place near the military camp of Al-Julmeh. According to Wafa, a Palestinian news agency, the Israeli army, accompanied by intelligence officials, erected a checkpoint between the villages of Rumana and Zbubia. Soldeirs stopped cars, checked IDs and interrogated citizens. Another checkpoint was erected by the army at the entrance of Ta’nak village, Jenin. The soldiers presence in Jenin has grown rapidly. According to Wava, the Israeli army used live ammunition during their military practices.


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