Jarrar: UN bid is a tactic to resume peace talks


[ 19/09/2011 – 01:32 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The PLO’s bid for membership in the UN is an “illusive move” and a “tactic” aimed at resuming peace talks with Israel, said Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine politburo member Khalida Jarrar.

“Going to the United Nations as announced by leaders is aimed at managing the crisis after reaching an impasse, and it is only a tactic to pressure the Americans sponsoring the negotiations,” Jarrar said during a seminar discussing the UN bid in Ramallah.

The PFLP had previously supported using the UN to bypass negotiations, but on condition that the step would serve as an alternative to negotiations, Jarrar explained. She also said that the step should by backed by “all forms of continued resistance on the ground”.

The PFLP is a member of the PLO’s executive committee.

Jarrar added that obtaining membership in the UN of a Palestinian state on 1967 borders risked relinquishing the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in the occupied territories.

The Palestinian Legislative Council too has rejected the bid for UN membership on grounds of being a unilateral step that puts the “right of return” at risk.

PLC speaker Aziz Dweik said during a session held Sunday to weigh the issue, that the PLC supports any diplomatic and political step achieved in favor of the Palestinians without conceding the rights of Palestinians or recognizing a Jewish state.

Another statement issued by Palestinian figures from the territories and abroad wondered what the “big fuss” of the UN bid was really about, saying that it was certain from PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s talks that he would return to negotiations with Israel even after applying for statehood.

The statement goes on to accuse Abbas of attempting to use the UN bid to appear to the public as a “knight” who faces the Israeli-U.S. enemy.


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