Settlers Attack! – in pictures

While all eyes turned at the UN and the Palestinian Statehood bid – Main Stream Media silenced and/or ignored the upcoming (planned) rampage in West Bank of Palestine. Despite announcements, even terrorlisted organisations like the French JDL announced publicly their intention to go on a rampage and asked only those, with military experiece to apply.

Israel, did not bother to prevent the rampage-terrorism-tourists from entering the West Bank, who claim in a so called “solidarity action” to defend their (illegal) occupying brothers in illegal colonies in West Bank of Palestine. In stead of preventing them, Israeli government even supplied the terrorists with weapons, training and attack dogs

Masked Jewish settlers from the illegal Yitzhar settlement, clash with Palestinians in the West Bank village of Assira al-Kibliya, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011.  Israeli settlers invaded the village and threw stones at the villagers. The villagers had no other choice than to defend themselves.  Today, a day after Palestinian officials said settlers burned dozens of acres (hectares) of agricultural land and cut down several hundred olive, fig and almond trees.  For a omplete overview of today’s and previous days settler violence click  here

Below the photography of the settler attacks, more resources and links to previous news. And ask yourselves, why the media did not prevent this planned mayhem, silenced it and why no government condemned this planned mass-attack nor no one did efforts to prevent such an act, which serves only the Zionist agenda, worked planned and well thought ahead to it until this day, under the pretext of a Statehood bid violence may be provoked to justify it’s own ongoing atrocities and violations of all (human) rights in Palestine.

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IOA calls up reserve soldiers who are settlers in WB & trains them. The order: shoot the legs!

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In pictures

Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

Settler Violence


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