US wooing UK to oppose Palestine UN bid

PressTV – Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:34PM GMT

The US government is putting utmost pressure on Britain to win her opposition to a Palestinian bid at the United Nations to seek statehood recognition.

British politicians are undecided how to respond to the Palestinian Authority’s move to win statehood recognition at the UN. They have found themselves between their natural allegiance to the United States and some European allies’ decision to recognise Palestinians’ efforts and advances towards a viable state.

Although the US has threatened to veto Palestinians’ bid to gain full UN membership at the Security Council, Britain has yet to make an explicit declaration of its voting intentions.

Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Fatah party, is expected to seek Security Council endorsement of a bid for full Palestinian statehood within the UN after he addresses the General Assembly.

Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, failed to forge a common European response to the Palestinian application. Therefore, individual European states are left to decide their own positions.

Germany and several of its allies have already signaled they will side with Israeli regime in opposing the Palestinians.

But France, like Britain a permanent member of the Security Council, is reportedly considering supporting the Palestinians, believing that international recognition of their aspirations could prompt them to renew negotiations with Israelis.

Jack Straw, the former foreign secretary, has urged British support for the Palestinian bid. So far Prime Minister David Cameron, who will also address the General Assembly this week, has held his counsel.

David Cameron has received warning from several US Congressmen that his apparent willingness to make concessions to the Palestinians would not be looked on kindly in Washington.

”I strongly urge Britain to stand with the US and respect the emerging peace process,” said Doug Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado. ”Recognition may unravel the bilateral negotiations.”

The US and Israeli regime have been pressing members of the 15-state Security Council to deny the Palestinians the nine votes they need for membership.

The diplomatic quartet on the Middle East is seeking a deal that will allow the Palestinians to secure greater UN recognition while meeting US and Israeli objections, special envoy Tony Blair says.

”What we will be looking for over the next few days is a way of putting together something that allows [Palestinians’] claims and legitimate aspirations for statehood to be recognised, whilst actually renewing the only thing that’s going to produce a state – which is a negotiation directly between the two sides,” Blair told the US’s ABC television.



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