15 Year-Old Shot in the Face During Qalandiya Demo and Looses Eye

Three seriously injured and two arrested by plain-clothed special forces in clashes that erupted near the Qalandiya Refugee Camp after Israel closed the checkpoint to Jerusalem.

15 year-old protester evacuated by journalist after being shot in the eyes. Picture credit: Fadi al-Arouri
15 year-old protester evacuated by journalist after being shot in the eyes.

Picture credit: Fadi al-Arouri

Sept 21, 2011 | Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

The Qalandiya checkpoint, the main gateway between Ramallah and Jerusalem, has been sealed off by Israeli soldiers this morning. On he day of opening of the UN General Assembly session in which the recognition of the Palestinian state is expected to be discussed, the act caused heightened tensions in an already tense time.

Shortly before 1 PM, clashes commenced between the armed soldiers who laid razor-wire barricades at the entrance to the checkpoint and local youth. The soldiers shot tear-gas, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition at the youth, some of which were hurling stones in the direction of the soldiers.

Some 20 demonstrators were treated for wounds by local medics. One of the protesters, a 15 year-old, was struck in the eye by a rubber-coated bullet shot from a short distance in violation of the Israeli army’s own open-fire regulations, and lost his eye. Another, a 20 year-old, was hit in the lower abdomen by a shrapnel from live ammo. Two of the protesters were arrested by plain-clothed special forces who were sent to mix in with the demonstrators.

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