Defense Committees in Jerusalem Neighborhoods


PNN – Palestine News Network – 21.09.11 – 14:17

Jerusalem- The Popular National Conference was held today to form defense committees to protect Arab neighborhoods from the settlers’ attacks in east Jerusalem as a result of the Palestinian bid at the UN.

In its statement, the conference calls all the people to participate in the today’s activates in support of the Palestinian bid and against the occupation measures in West Bank and Jerusalem.

Image It also adds, the obvious goals of the Palestinian leaderships push us to stand by it in
its move to the UN because the Palestinian cause is a cause of land and people.
Israel abandoned the concept of taboo when it occupied the Arab and Palestinian land
it adds, every single house in Jerusalem has been suffering of the Occupation’s racial
Moreover, it calls the Palestinian Parties to reunite against the occupation and never
accept a state save Jerusalem with its Arabic and Christian neighborhoods are the only


In pictures

Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

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