Dozens of injuries in Qalandia Checkpoint


PNN 21.09.11 – 16:06

Qalandia-Protestors in Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem confirmed that the Israeli soldiers who are in the checkpoint used new weapons against them. Different cases with strange injuries were registered.

Witnesses reported to Wafa’ that the Israeli soldiers are using a new kind of toxic gas and tear gas that don’t give the people time to run away and they keel over.


Image They also informed that the soldiers used high sound waves that affect the heard of the protestors and cause them bad headaches before falling on the ground. This prevented journalists from being present.
Medical resources informed many injuries were taken to Ramallah Hospital. the case of a youth was described as critical as he got shot with a tear canister in the eyee.
These protests come in the same time with the rallies that were organized to support the palestinian leadership who’s in New York now requesting a full membership for the Palestinian state in the UN.


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