IOF troops, Jewish settlers block worshipers from heading to Ibrahimi Mosque


[ 21/09/2011 – 04:44 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian citizens clashed with Jewish settlers, backed by Israeli occupation forces, in Al-Khalil on Wednesday after they tried to block worshipers from heading to the Ibrahimi mosque for prayers.

Dozens of Jewish settlers organized a provocative march toward the mosque’s gates while chanting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim slogans and blocked entry of worshipers into the mosque.

The settlers and the Palestinians threw stones at each other and the clashes spread to four suburbs surrounding the Ibrahimi mosque.

IOF soldiers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the youths who threw stones and empty bottles at them.

Large numbers of IOF troops were seen deployed at the entrances to Al-Khalil, as border police patrols roamed the streets of the Old City and chased young men throwing stones.


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