PA gives UN ‘some time’ to mull over appeal

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[ 22/09/2011 – 08:49 AM ]

NEW YORK, (PIC)– Fatah central committee member Nabil Shaath said Wednesday night that the Palestinian Authority will give the United Nations “some time” to mull over the request for full membership after U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated his opposition to the appeal.

“We will give the Security Council some time to study our request for full membership first before going to the UN General Assembly,” Shaath said at the sidelines of the General Assembly.

Media sources explained the extra time would provide an opportunity to weigh alternative strategies for the Palestinians.

Resuming negotiations

Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Radina confirmed Wednesday evening that the “Palestinians were ready to return to the negotiations table as soon as Israel agrees to stop settlement and accepts 1967 borders, ‘reference conditions’ for negotiations.”

“Abbas will weigh proposals for for negotiations between Israel and Palestinian leaders presented by French President Nicolas Sarkozy during a speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly,” the PA spokesman added.

Sarkozy suggested that negotiations would begin within a month, and that an agreement on borders and security would be reached within six months, and a definitive agreement would be reached within a year.

“Each of us knows that Palestine cannot immediately obtain full and complete recognition of the status of United Nations member state. The first reason for this is the lack of trust between the main parties,” Sarkozy said.

“But who could doubt that a veto at the Security Council risks engendering a cycle of violence in the Middle East?” the French president added, urging the exclusion of an intermediate stage.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that President Obama deserved a “medal of honor” for his commitment to defending Israel and vowing to veto any decision for full membership for the Palestinians, minutes after Obama had addressed the General Assembly.

For his part, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon urged Netanyahu to act responsibly towards the Palestinians’ bid for membership in the UN.


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