PASF nabs seven Hamas supporters in arrest campaign

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[ 22/09/2011 – 10:22 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian Authority security services arrested Thursday morning seven supporters of Palestinian resistance group Hamas in an arrest campaign in the West Bank.

Dozens more Hamas supporters were also handed summonses for questioning. Most of those wanted by the PASF have already been detained by either Israeli or the PA security forces.

Separately, a PA court in the West Bank sentenced several prisoners in the notorious Juneid prison to an additional 15 days in detention.

On Wednesday, the PASF arrested seven Hamas supporters in the West Bank, five of them in Al-Khalil governorate.

In addition to the arrests, reports say that the PA dismissed four teachers employed by the PA ministry of education.

The same day, the PASF arrested an activist from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization.

The PIJ has accused the PA, controlled by Fatah of launching a major arrest campaign against its supporters in the West Bank.

Also on Wednesday, PASF officers dressed in plain clothes served some 40 summonses against supporters of Hamas, most of them ex-prisoners in the Israel prisons, across Al-Khalill governorate, reliable sources told the Palestinian information center.

Most of those handed summonses are expected be kept in detention, the sources said.

The persecution of Hamas supporters in the West Bank is in contravention of the Palestinian reconciliation deal which called for political plurality.


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