Occupation police restrict worship at the Aqsa Mosque


[ 23/09/2011 – 09:58 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation police declared a state of alert in occupied Jerusalem which started Friday morning. A large number of police was deployed in the occupied city imposing restrictions on reaching the Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli radio claimed that the state of alert was because of fears of Palestinian demonstrations to coincide with the PA’s bid for statehood at the UN.

The radio also said that occupation police will be deployed in large numbers around the Aqsa Mosque, a long areas of contact and roadblocks with this state remaining till Saturday morning.

Occupation police further imposed restrictions on worshippers allowed into the Aqsa mosque to those over the age of 50 who carry blue ID cards (that excludes everyone from the West Bank other than Jerusalem residents, over 50 years).


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