Abu Zuhri: National strategy needed to deal with occupation

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[ 24/09/2011 – 11:25 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Friday address at the United Nations effectively portrayed the Palestinians’ plight but failed to identify the solution when announcing commitment to negotiations with the Israeli occupier.

This is what makes Abbas’s statehood bid useless, Abu Zuhri said in statements to the PIC, adding that the move was no more than a tactical one aimed at improving conditions for future peace talks.

Abu Zuhri called on Abbas to return to the national option by devising a national strategy designed to confront Israeli “intransigence”, and to stop taking unilateral formal steps.

Abu Zuhri added that Abbas’s decision to ask the UN for full membership comes in light of stalled reconciliation agreements, as Abbas has refused to commit to the terms of the unity deal signed by split Palestinian parties in May.

In an earlier statement, Abu Zuhri said the recent surge of arrests of Hamas supporters in the West Bank proves that Fatah is not serious in reconciling with Hamas, accusing the party of “turning its back on national unity”.

Within a two day period some 550 Hamas supporters were either arrested or called in for questioning by West Bank security forces.

Abu Zuhri said the arrests come in the framework of security arrangements between the security services of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, in an effort to guarantee Israeli security.

He added that the boosted level of cooperation by the parties render Abbas’s talks of defiance in the face of Israeli occupation “meaningless”.

Abu Zuhri also called for intervention from Turkey and Cairo in an effort to curb Israeli-PA security arrangements targeting Hamas.


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