Hamdan: UN bid a political move aimed at saving negotiations

Full Text of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Speech at the UNGA

[ 24/09/2011 – 09:48 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Hamas international relations official Osama Hamdan reiterated his party’s objection to the PLO’s request for full UN membership, saying that the move comes in the context of the peace process, falls outside the framework of Palestinian national consensus, and neglects the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

Hamdan said in an interview with the Palestinian information center that the PLO’s move at the UN was no more than a political move aimed at saving PLO chairman Abbas from inability to accomplish anything in peace talks with Israel.

At the same time, Hamdan said that Hamas does not object to using diplomacy in defense of Palestinian fundamental rights and it also believes the struggle to liberate Palestine should result in an independent and sovereign state for the Palestinians, but the Palestinian resistance group opposed Abbas’s move at the UN for obvious reasons.

“The step comes in the context of the peace process and not in the context of confronting the (Israeli occupier),” Hamdan said, citing Abbas’s promises to return to the negotiations table after the UN step.

“He wants the step to make a breakthrough in the negotiations position and improve his standing in negotiations,” Hamdan said, adding that the issue has nothing to do with a state, but rather moving peace talks ahead.

Hamdan also objected to the fact that the step came outside national consensus, as it was in contravention of the reconciliation deal in Cairo. Abu Mazen (Abbas) did not consult with the central council or the PLO to get approval before going ahead with the step, the senior Hamas official said.

The step also raises a number of problems and questions pertaining to Palestinian fundamental rights, including the Palestinian refugees’ right of return, Hamdan went on to say. He accused Palestinian negotiators of not studying such rights or deciding to overlook them altogether.

However, Hamdan emphasized that Hamas did not object to a Palestinian state but only to Abu Mazen’s step, saying that a state can only be achieved after being liberated, as UN resolutions have proven to hold no political weight.

He said that Hamas was opposed to “selling illusions” that “deplete the Palestinians morally and materially”, emphasizing that “nothing would change after September, as Israel forces remain on the ground and can only be removed by force.


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