Palestinian state vs. US duplicity


PressTV –  Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:16PM GMT | By Mohiyeddin Sajedi

The US President Barack Obama (L) and the acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas (file photo)
“Next year, we will witness an independent Palestinian state” was the very utterance produced by the US President Barack Obama during his address to the United Nations General Assembly’s 65th annual session last year.

Mahmoud Abbas was the most faithful of the Middle Eastern politicians to the US president, who believed these words and reconciled his courses of action to them. Abbas was further encouraged, when the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told him and the Israeli authorities that the talks between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Tel Aviv would have reached a final solution by September 2011.

People still remember Obama’s sitting at a roundtable with Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, and Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Washington last September to announce an initiative for ‘peace’ in the Middle East.

In a gesture to show it would not accept any partners in its so-called efforts to resolve the ancient crisis, Washington refused to invite the European Union’s member states to the meeting. The governments, which had the biggest share in the UN’s recognition of Israel, were being kept at an arm’s distance.

Now, however, the United Nations is a partner to the matter.

No matter what it is to become of Palestine’s recognition by the UN or its permanent membership in the world body, it is certain that Abbas’ address to the General Assembly’s session this year took the Palestinian issue to a new stage. This stage is different from the previous one, which acted on its own initiative and encouraged others to act.

The Middle East Quartet of the US, Russia, the European Union, and the UN was the first to react to the speech by presenting a plan for negotiations, aiming to achieve at a final conclusion at most by the end of 2012. In the plan, Obama vaguely pointed to the 1967 borders in the light of the possibility of exchange of land between Israel and the Palestinian state.

The scheme, which was introduced to thwart Palestine’s direct recognition at the UN, would undoubtedly fail as it has not mentioned the important issue of illegal settlements. During his speech, Abbas referred to those residing in the Israeli settlements as ‘dogs.’

Based on the confession of Washington, the EU, and the Quartet themselves, it was Tel Aviv’s policy to continue settlement construction, which caused the talks to reach a dead end and left a great casualty called George Mitchell (the US negotiator), who had, before everyone else, found out the futility of the joint Obama-Clinton team.

“Sixty years without moving one centimeter forward,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy admitted in his General Assembly speech, referring to the uselessness of the talks.

Perhaps more than the Palestinian membership in the UN, what matters is the exposition of the isolation of Israel, the US, and most of the European governments at the international level. This is why, during his arrogant address to the General Assembly, Benjamin Netanyahu described the UN as a “hall of darkness” at the top of which is a “terrorist” organization (Lebanon’s Hezbollah).

Membership or recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN does not offer much to the Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas raised this point that the state of Palestine he has in mind constitutes only 22 percent of the whole Palestinian soil. The hope that the membership or recognition of Palestine in the UN would back up that Israel has occupied the territory of another member state, has build settlements or has settled its citizens there, is not much promising, as Tel Aviv had occupied parts of the Lebanese territory for about 22 years and had constructed settlements in Syria’s Golan Height for longer times but the UN had not taken any action against it.

Neither any of the 10,000 Palestinian prisoners, who might be described as “prisoners of war,” will be released nor will any of the 5 million Palestinian refugees return to their home in case Palestine would achieve statehood. This is why resistance organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have disagreed with referring the case of Palestine to the UN.

Yet, who could predict the escape of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from Tunisia, the collapse of Mubarak regime in Egypt, and the flight of Israeli ambassador from Cairo in September last year? And who can foretell the America’s situation and its deep-rooted economic crisis in the coming one or two decades? What has turned the US into a superpower is its economic power, not military might, which was undermined in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Israel does not want and cannot afford to leave the West Bank, since it regards the territory as a component of its Jewish Torah-based identity. The formation of an autonomous organization monitored by Tel Aviv in Palestine will be the utmost retreat and concession of Israel. The perception that the West Bank (located in East Palestine) will be connected to the Gaza Strip (situated in West Palestine) by a bridge or underground tunnel is enough for the Israeli leaders to see the security of Israel endangered, but will the current situation last for another couple of decades?

The crisis that began six decades ago with the establishment of Israel may need a few further decades to end. As long as the US thinks that popular uprisings in the Arab countries aim at gaining economic and political concessions and advantages, it cannot understand that the issue of Palestine lies at the core of these uprisings.

Obama’s speech confronted the US with a difficult situation and his threat to veto the Palestinian plan for full membership in the UN compounded this situation in the eye of the Middle East nations.


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