Evacuation of Muslim graves ahead of hotel construction challenged in court

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[ 25/09/2011 – 06:34 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Al-Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage condemned during an appeal heard Sunday by the Israeli Magistrate’s Court the ongoing removal of human remains from a Muslim graveyard in occupied Jaffa, where plans are underway for a Jewish tourist site.

Al-Aqsa Foundation alongside Palestinian figures and groups in Jaffa are challenging the construction of a tourist hotel on the site of Al-Qishla cemetery, near the Grand Mosque in Jaffa, affirming that the evacuation of skeletons there is an act of desecration.

The hearing was attended by Al-Aqsa Foundation vice-president Sami Rizqullah Abu Mukh, the foundation’s director-general Amir Khatib, and Dr. Abdul-Majid Mohammed Ighbariya, an official for holy places in the foundation.

According to reports, it is apparent that the Magistrate’s Court has implicitly consented to go ahead with the building of the hotel despite the desecration of the Muslim burial site.


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