Hamas refugees bureau: Israel has no right to any part of Palestine


[ 26/09/2011 – 10:04 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas’s refugees’ affairs bureau reiterated Sunday that the Israeli occupation authorities have no right to any part of Palestine in response to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ request for recognition of only 22 percent of the occupied territories.

Officials in Gaza have welcomed recent calls by Abbas to follow through with reconciliation deal with Hamas but questions and expectations still surround the move.

In remarks that followed Abbas’s request for recognition of a state on 1967 borders, Hamas’s refugees’ affairs bureau said that it “strongly objects to relinquishing the right of return in exchange for statehood and asserts that the right of return is sacred and is not subject to limitations, and that no party, whether Palestinian or Arab or international, has the power to waiver or compromise such right”.

The statement also asserts the Palestinians’ right to “armed resistance against the Zionist occupation” and denounces talk about resuming peace talks with Israel after 20 years of such talks yielded nothing for Palestinians.

In response to what was disseminated in the media that Abbas has shown interest in following through with a unity deal he signed earlier with Hamas, deputy prime minister in the Palestinian government in Gaza Mohammed Awad said that reconciliation was necessary before the PLO applied for a seat in the United Nations.

“Why reconciliation after the September entitlements?” Awad wondered, referring to Abbas’s unilateral step to request full UN membership in September. “It should have instead been before, because the leader gets his strength from the people.”

During a government media program dubbed “Meeting with an Official”, Awad criticized Abbas for not consulting with Palestinian factions apart from Fatah before going ahead with the step at the UN and asserted that future reconciliation talks should lead to “common positions”.

“We want steps that take us forward, not steps backwards,” Awad said, adding that the refugees’ right of right return was not negotiable in any upcoming talks.

Awad, who also serves as the foreign minister, said that the Palestinian Authority is under political siege “just as we in Gaza are physically besieged”.

“Whenever the PA moves towards reconciliation, we find that it backs out because it does not satisfy the United States, as (U.S. President) Obama has said that reconciliation was an obstacle to negotiations,” he said.

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