Salah exclusion appeal to be heard Monday

[ 25/09/2011 – 09:05 PM ]

LONDON, (PIC)– An immigration court in Birmingham is slated to hear Monday September 26 a deportation appeal by Palestinian political leader Sheikh Raed Salah.

Salah was arrested some three months ago after entering the UK as Home Secretary Theresa May had issued and an exclusion order barring him from entering the country.

The legality of that ban as well as Salah’s arrest is also being contested in the High Courts as Salah is also suing for compensation for false arrest. A two-day hearing was held on Sept. 14-15, but judgment was reserved. A judgment is expected to be made some time this week.

An investigation ordered by the Home Secretary has shown that Salah had no way of knowing of the exclusion order and entered the country by legal means.

A court ruled that Salah would be released on bail in mid-July after finding that he was not guilty of breaking any laws.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights holds that the exclusion of Salah from the UK was a political decision without substantial legal grounds.

The UK’s reputation is at stake as the parliament recently passed a law providing legal immunity for Israeli politicians suspected of war crimes who enter the country.


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