Palestine and Rothschild

Arab News | September 27, 2011

Because of my studies in Near Eastern archaeology, I read up on the history of this region as of the 19th century — during the Ottoman Empire.

If it had not been for a Paris-based Rothschild (I think his name was Edmond) approaching the then caliph, asking him to sell him land in Palestine so Russian Jews could settle there and till the land, the problem we have now would not have been there.

Since 1875, Orthodox Russian Jews have been living in Palestine on purchased land. They had large families.

Next, the Balfour Declaration. Then in 1942 the NYC Zionist proclamation demanding a State of Israel in the WHOLE of Palestine.

Ships with Jewish refugees from Europe could not disembark in Canada or America so all these Jews were unloaded in Haifa (a disaster for the locals) or sailed to the Black Sea where they were not welcome either.

Next, before the King David Hotel was bombed by Zionists and 90 plus British officers perished, I read that the British had set up a bank for Arab Palestinians in need of cash to till the land because of drought, etc. The terms were good but few Arabs knew about this bank. So the Jews then quickly approached the Arabs and offered them loans which later the Arabs could not repay and forfeited their land to the Jews. That is how a lot of properties ended up in Jewish hands. At the time, the British wanted to be even-handed but the Jews did not agree and so the British mandate ended up at the UN to be implemented. Looking at the 1947 map, and knowing what David Ben Gurion had said behind closed doors (that the boundaries were “unacceptable”) I more or less agree that the Palestinians had at the time a good deal. All of Jerusalem was theirs.

Seif Somalya wrote: One gets the impression that Western policies on Arab-Israeli conflict are driven by race.

I would like to remind everyone that Jews and Arab Muslims belong to the same race: Semites. On occasions (Oriental) Jews intermarried with the white race and Arab Muslims intermarried with the black and white races. What unites both religions is that male circumcision is required for membership: Look at Western-educated Netanyahu of Israel and Abdallah of Jordan, both of mixed race ancestry.

While some German Jews changed their names when moving to English-speaking countries — Wolkenstein became Cloudstone — Arab Muslims have not adapted accordingly, thereby perpetuating their “origin.”




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