Settler kills Palestinian boy in hit-and-run incident

[ 27/09/2011 – 09:12 AM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– An eight-year-old Palestinian boy died on Monday after he was critically injured in a hit-and-run incident involving a Jewish settler on Friday in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

The boy, Fareed Jabir, was hit while walking on a sidewalk in the Buq’a section of Al-Khalil and was later taken to a hospital in nearby Kiryat Arba and then to Hadassah hospital due to the graveness of his injuries.

More and more settler violence has raged across the West Bank after PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas applied for full Palestinian membership in the UN, including in neighborhoods in Al-Khalil.

Settlers attacked Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil’s Ja’bari, Jabir, and Mashariqa neighborhoods, throwing Molotov cocktails at windows on Tuesday morning.

A recent surge in attacks followed Israeli police reports that a car accident that killed a Jewish settler and his son was caused by a Palestinian stone-thrower.

A spokesman for settlers in Kiryat Arba accused police of concealing the actual cause of death for two days in an endeavor to maintain a calm among settlers as the world was preoccupied by speeches by PA President Abbas and Israeli PM Netanyahu at the UN.

An eight-year old Palestinian boy sustained vrious injuries in attacks by settlers in Al-Khalil’s Mashariqa neighborhood, where locals’ movement was restricted by barricades set up on roads.

Settlers amassed just outside of Karmi Tzur settlement at Halhoul-Kiryat Arba junction and stoned Palestinian vehicles entering and exiting Al-Khalil and Halhoul, stopping traffic there for hours.


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How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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