Amr: Quartet’s position on UN bid to blame for new settlement plans

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[ 29/09/2011 – 01:18 PM ]

WASHINGTON, (PIC)– Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said members of the international community were responsible for addressing Israel’s recent approval of 1,100 settlement units in east Jerusalem, an illegal move which constitutes a challenge to the Quartet which is working towards restoring the integrity of the Middle East peace process.

In a press statement from Washington, the Egyptian FM condemned Israel’s provocative approval of those settlement plans that came after Palestinian parties averted international pressure to resume peace talks and went ahead with a request for full Palestinian membership in the United Nations.

Amr said the new construction plans reflected Israel’s “choice to continue its provocative policies and challenge international consensus on the illegality of settlements” in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

He highlighted that Israel was encouraged to go ahead with the step after the Quartet’s recent proposal for a timeline on peace talks failed to tackle the settlements issue.

Amr said Egypt felt “real concern” over the steady rise in settlement activity, with the last two months seeing the approval of more than 6,000 settlement units. He said the situation signaled “complete and irresponsible chaos in construction on Palestinian occupied territories”, calling on parties sponsoring the peace process to fulfill obligations in that regard.

Amr also held Israel fully responsible for what may be caused by such provocative policies in light of the exceptional circumstances in the region.


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