Israel attacks Gaza in Response to rocket and invades cities and villages in Jenin

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PNN – Palestine News Network  30.09.11 – 14:58

An Israeli Air Force aircraft raided Gaza last night along the central Gaza Strip. Israel claims to be responding to a rocket launched towards the Citizens of Al-Maghazi camp who said that the raid targeted a Security Center for Hamas and no injuries were reported.

Image The Israeli Army invaded the city and refugee camp of Jenin, along with nearby towns. 12 military vehicles invaded and fired sound bombs around most of the neighborhoods. They roamed the streets for more than five hours. The army also invaded the villages and towns of Kufrdan, Yamoun, Zbuba, Alsila Alharithiya, Burqin, Qabatya, Zbabdeh, Musliyeh, and Sanour. No arrests were reported.


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