Israeli Settler Lynch in Anata – Sept 30, 2011 – in pictures & video


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Photo credits as mentioned or taken by @activestill @SJActionAlerts @Dustbowl_Pal (via twitter)

The morning of 30.9.11 few palestinians & israeli activists came to plant trees in an area of village Anata newly confiscated recently by the Jewish settlement of Anatot, a mass of settlers descended on them & beat them up brutally in a lynching style & abducted 2 Palestinian activists holding them prisoners in the settlement while other injured activists had to be treated in a hospital. An urgent demo against the settlements lynching mob attack on peaceful demonstrators was called in

In Video

Forget all details: Israel is not looking for Peace

About Settler Violence

In pictures

Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

Settler Violence

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