PA security arrest three Hamas supporters, including leader Dirar Hamadneh


[ 30/09/2011 – 01:27 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The PA security is continuing with its campaign against the opposition in the West Bank arresting three Hamas supporters in the districts of Nablus and al-Khalil. They also continue to harass journalist Mu’ath Mishaal.

In al-Khalil district, the PA preventive security arrested Nasim Abu al-Jadayel, the brother of the Mayor of Sammu’ from inside the Magistrates court in the city of Dura.

In the Nablus district, the PA preventive security arrested Sheikh Durar Hamadneh and his son Usama after raiding their home in the Aseera al-Shamaleyya. Many Hamas supporters were also summoned by the same security agency.

The campaign against journalists also continue, as journalist Muath Mishaal from Silwad confirmed on his Facebook page that PA preventive security agents raided his family home and handed his family a new summons ordering him to attend for interrogation.

This is the third summons that this Mishaal has received within a week, PA security agents raided his father’s shop in the town and handed a summons to his brother, at the same time security agents raided his accommodation in Nablus and confiscated personal belongings.

Meanwhile, PA security has released Hassan Qawasmi, Bilal Salhab from al-Khalil after three weeks of detention.

Qawasmi suffers a difficult health condition and his family appealed for his release. The PA security kept him in detention despite a court decision for his release.


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