Fatah official: going to UN is an irresponsible step

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[ 01/10/2011 – 11:19 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Dr. Rebhi Hallom, member of the PLO’s national council has described Thursday Abbas’s step to seek full membership in the UN as an irresponsible step, a jump in the air and a new doze of sedative that was taken after a state of disillusion prevailed in the Palestinian street which resulted from the failure of the Oslo accords to bring them independence.

He also charged that the PLO and its leader Mahmoud Abbas of exploiting the Palestinian people’s aspiration for an independent state of their own.

He also opined that both the Israeli occupation authority and the US administration were in harmony with the PLO in this regard in contrary with the “apparent” Israeli and US rejection of the Palestinian bid, describing the Israeli and US stands in this regard deceptive.

Moreover, Hallom accused the PA in Ramallah city of giving up more Palestinian lands to the IOA, explaining that the statehood that PA had applied for in the UN was only over 18% of the total lands of occupied Palestine.

He also said that the UN resolution number 181 gave the Palestinians 46% of their usurped lands but the PA applied for 18% only. Nevertheless, he highlighted a number of risks that might result.

He furthermore explained that if the UN approved the Palestinian bid it would lead to the automatic repeal of UN resolution 181 with Palestinian, Arab, and international blessing.

In addition, Hallom advised leaders of his movement not to deceive the Palestinian people in order not to be cursed by history and charged with high treason.


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