Haneyya welcomes aid delegations from Kuwait, Tunisia

[ 01/10/2011 – 11:43 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian premier in Gaza Ismail Haneyya lauded Friday concurrent aid projects in the Gaza Strip by Arab and international aid organizations and defined his position on the Palestinian UN bid in a welcome of delegations of aid workers from Kuwait and Tunisia.

Giving Friday sermon in a Gaza mosque, Prime Minister Haneyya gave an overview of many current projects taken on by the Kuwait’s Mercy charity fund, what he said ascertains Kuwaiti official and popular support for the Palestinians.

Haneyya also praised Arab support over the past 60 years of Israeli occupation, adding that the Arabs have made a comeback after revolutions that toppled regimes that were in alliance with the Israeli occupier and America against the Palestinians.

The Palestinian premier also gave honorable mention to the Karama-Dignite convoy, the first ever to land in Gaza from Tunisia. He said that Tunisia had begun to restore status in the Arab and Muslim world after decades of being stripped of its Arab and Islamic identity.

Speaking on the political developments and his position on the PLO’s step to request full membership in the UN, Haneyya said: “The Palestinian people have fought and struggled for more than 60 years to liberate the land and establish a state with Jerusalem as its capital. This is the objective of the entire Palestinian people. But what we reject is to accept a state in exchange for ceding an inch of the land of Palestine or inalienable rights, the right of return in particular,” referring to the repatriation of the Palestinian refugees.

“We are for establishing a Palestinian state on any liberated land, but without recognizing (the Israeli occupier) or conceding an inch of Palestinian land,” Haneyya said, adding that the step at the UN was done without national consultation and recognizes Israel’s right to 78 percent of Palestinian territories.


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