Al-Abrash: Israeli Practices Will Fail to Destroy Palestinians’ Determination to Return

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SANA – October 2, 2011

Oct 02, 2011

TEHRAN, (SANA) – The Syrian People’s Assembly Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash on Saturday said the Palestinian Intifada is a unique revolution that refuses to turn the Palestinian cause into an issue of refugees and camps and seeks to turn it into an international humanitarian cause.

Al-Abrash was speaking at the opening of the 5th Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada held in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

The Assembly’s Speaker criticized the Israeli attempts of erasing the concept of “the Homeland” from the Palestinian people’s minds, expressing complete confidence that the Israeli aggressive practices will fail to destroy the Palestinians’ belonging to their homeland and their determination to return to their occupied territories, a right secured by the international law, particularly the Amnesty International.

He stressed work to give louder voice to the Palestinian Intifada and put an end to the obfuscation exercised against it, suggesting that all the Arab and Islamic parliaments generalize the Support to Palestinian People Act ratified by the Iranian Shura Council in May 1999 to stress the Intifada’s right to elicit the full national rights of the Palestinian people.

He also pointed out that the Israeli attempts to tear the Intifada apart have reached their peak through the imposition of sanctions against Syria and Iran, the supporters of the Intifada, by some Western countries.

In this context, al-Abrash affirmed that despite the huge media, psychological and economic war Syria is facing because of its firm embracement of the Palestinian Intifada, Syria will remain committed to its support to the Palestinian cause and its strategic relationship with Iran.

For his part, Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri stressed the need for adhering to the Resistance approach in the face of the Israeli occupation and achieving the Palestinian national reconciliation.

He said that the conference constitutes an opportunity to expose Israel’s crimes and come out with new means of resistance and steadfastness.

Head of Politburo of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, said the Resistance will remain the strategic option and project throughout the stages to liberate Palestine, establish a real Palestinian state and eliminate the Zionist project.

He called upon all Palestinian factions and parties to speed up the implementation of the file of the national reconciliation and rebuilding the Palestinian Liberation Organization as a national reference for the Palestinian people.

R. Raslan/H. Said


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