Mishaal: liberation first, then state declaration

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[ 01/10/2011 – 09:38 PM ]

TEHRAN, GAZA, (PIC)– In an address in Iranian capital Tehran to the international conference in support of the Palestinian uprising, Hamas political leader Khalid Mishaal said that Palestinian lands should be liberated first, then a state can be announced.

He warned of the effects that the UN request would have on Palestinians’ rights and called on PA president Mahmoud Abbas to hold meetings with other factions with the intent of developing a strategy that bolsters Palestinian unity in the face of future challenges.

Mishaal assured that continued Israeli settlement and attacks requires continued resistance in order to restore rights and liberate all Palestinian lands from the Israeli occupation.

He also called on Arab rulers who stand by his movements in the “trench of resistance” to seek a political solution in dealing with their people who are demanding freedom.

“We are with the people who demand freedom and an end to corruption,” he said expressing sorrow at “the blood that was spilled in those blessed revolutions.”

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said reports issued by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Hamas was split on the Palestinian Authority’s request for full UN membership were baseless.

He assured that Hamas’s official position was that the step was unilateral and involved several risks, and that it is first necessary to establish an independent state on liberated Palestinian land and not to declare statehood in light of the continued occupation.

On internal Palestinian dialogue, Hamas politburo member Khalil al-Hayya denied that a date had been set for new rounds of talks between the Hamas and Fatah parties, emphasizing the need for talks that include all Palestinian factions.

“We are in urgent need of such talks to clarify to ourselves, firstly, and to discuss our affairs and then decide the next steps,” Hayya told the London-based newspaper Al-Hayat.

With regard to upcoming rounds of talks with Fatah, Hayya explained that Fatah and Hamas had not set a date for such talks but said agreement was nearly reached on holding a meeting soon, adding that arrangements had not yet been made.

Hayya went on to criticize PA President Abbas for failing to “give reconciliation its entitlements,” saying that reconciliation has entitlements that must be given by all.

“On our side we have given the reconciliation the entitlements required from us at every stop. Abu Mazen (Abbas) benefited from the reconciliation, and the people have not benefited from it,” he said.


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