Palestine Has to Be More Flexible… H(ill)ary says!

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

In an interview with Egypt’s Al-Hayat TV released Saturday October 1st 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Palestinians need to show flexibility and get back to the negotiating table.

Flexibility… let’s behold that for a moment how long Palestine already has been flexible and talking:

AIPAC ( ALL I PLEDGE AFTER CASH – “Flexible” Translation… )

11.220.000 Million Palestinians

Is the total world population of Palestine. (Jan 2011) of which 4.23 million Live in Palestine’s Occupied Territories, 1.37 million is 1948 Palestine (now called Israel) and 4.990.000 worldwide refugees and 636 thousand in other countries.

4.100.000 Million Palestinians

Live inside  The Occupied Territories. The PCBS Palestine Central Bureau of Statistics said Palestinian inhabitants of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza currently total 4.23 million

1.370.000 Million Palestinians

Live in 1948 Palestine a.k.a. “Israel”  (Israeli statsitics, (PCBS – Dec 2011) live under race-based Apartheid laws (Nazi- and Apartheid-style compulsory race-based ID at all times; race-based marriage prohibition laws; race-based discrimination over property acquisition, property rights, social participation, travel in their own country and family reunion).

4.996.664 Million Palestinians

Is the total of refugees registered with the UNRWA as worldwide refugees. (July 2011)

Are outside Palestine refused Human Rights or Right of Return – video

Residency Of 240.000 Palestinians Revoked By Israel Since 1967

June 12, 2012 | Israeli daily, Haaretz, published a report revealing that Israel revoked the residency rights of around 240.000 Palestinians since it occupied the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, in 1967, until the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994.

650,143 illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank of which 300.000 in occupied East Jerusalem

Living in 26 illegal settlements
Report June 14, 2012 by Palestine Bureau of statistics at Mondoweiss

Update July 26, 2012

350,143. settlers in West Bank; 4.5% growth in past 12 months (not includes additional 300,000 in Occupied Jerusalem)

Report by AIC (based on facts by Population Registry of Israel’s Ministry of Interior)

1.452.709 Million Palestinians

Of the total of  refugees 1.452.709 Palestinians are  living in official camps  and are dependant on foreign aid and assistance.

Aid. When the world brings Human Rights to Palestine? 

A must watch Video : “Donor Opium”  –  How International Aid affects Palestine

58 Refugee Camps

There are 58 official camps in which they live. You can watch them here in pictures

19 camps in the West Bank – 848,494
8 camps in Gaza – 1,167,361
10 camps in Lebanon – 455,373
12 camps in Syria – 495,970
9 camps in Jordan – 1,999,466

Download the full factsheet as per July 1, 2011 | PDF | UNWRA

1.700.000 Million Palestinians

According to the official report of the Interior Minister of Gaza as per June 2011:

1.7 Million Palestinians  live in world’s largest open air prison called Gaza which is under an illegal Israeli siege

Download report

In 5 years Israel killed 2300, wounded 7700

In the 5 year siege on Gaza, Israeli occupation forces killed 2,300 & injured 7,700 people in Gaza under blockade | United Nations report

540.000 Palestinians

Inside occupied territories are unemployed  due to the Illegal Occupation & siege

31,5% of Gaza: Unemployed

May 29, 2012 A new report by ACRI shows Gaza’s unemployment rate reaches 31.5% – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Source

3705 Gaza Industrial businesses

95 percent of Gaza’s 3,900 industrial businesses are closed or have suspended work. The other five percent are operating at 20 to 50 percent of capacity.

$2900 is the GDP per capita (PPP)

This means per head yes you read well, per year! … while….

6,86 Billion US Dollar per year

is the price of Economic damage Palestine pays for being besieged by Israel

375.000 Dollar per Month Costs

 to get aid into Palestine which mainly Israel is charging or causing.

64 years and ongoing aid

For getting the same sacks of food in, like the sacks brought in 64 years ago!

The world, totally in ignorance of the reality, keeps funding aid to sustain status of relief, aid for refugees without acting on the cause which not only sustains this situation, but merely enables Israel to continue to increase refugees, homeless and needy.

While Israel has policies for near starvation for Palestinians.

The world keeps sending food/aid which often is stalled in Israeli warehouses and never reaches Gaza other than expired and useless in the first place. Aside from the sacks.. Same sacks… Nicer Sacks, 64 years and ongoing now.

200 Million $ of Aid Frozen

Because Palestine did a bid for Statehood at the UN and US gives them the “Gaza treatment”

30 Billion $ of Military Aid

is given to Israel, to sustain apartheid and the ongoing genocide while

4.6 Million Kids in USA

don’t get dental care and so pay the price with their health, to kill Palestinians, besides this…

46 Million Americans depend on

government food assistance to feed their families!

24 Billion $ Military Aid  to Israel

Was given from 2000-2009 to sustain the onslaught on Palestine

To buy, supply weapons for Israel for it’s ongoing onslaught on Palestine. Illegal weaponry too. Depleted Uranium, DIME, flechettes, toxic metals, White phosphorus and more.

Evidence of the use of depleted uranium against Gaza is tenuous and Goldstone merely recorded in paragraph 907 that it had received allegations which it had not further investigated. Much of this evidence came from Action des citoyens pour le désarmement nucléaire (ACDN: Citizens Action for Nuclear Disarmament). Their report of July 2009 hypothesizes that the GBU-39 bunker-buster bomb is packed with 75 kilogram of depleted uranium. (A UNEP report also ambiguously refers to bunker-buster bombs containing depleted uranium.) The US delivery of 1,000 of these bombs to Israel arrived in early December 2008 shortly before the start of the war.

Read more in the special topic: Israel’s weapons a crime on huimanity

75 TONS Depleted Uranium pounded on Gaza

Israel denying being a nuclear power, received from US about 1000 GBU-39 Bunker busters carrying each 75 kg depleted uranium. They pounded them all during the war “cast lead” 2008-2009 on Gaza.

Research has proven, 75 Tons of depleted uranium was found in the soil and environment of Gaza: Reports herehere – and here

670 million weapons &  related

Military equipment was donated by US to Israel while Palestinians only have … stones?

Germany Lends Air-Defense Radar to Israel against the so called rockets threats from Gaza. Allegedly 10’s of thousands of rockets are a threat to Israel. While it admits they are merely a psyhological threat and no real danger. 21 Israeli were killed by the (mainly debris of houses falling on them) after impact of the non guided, solidified primitive finned and non detonation “rockets”. Maybe the myths has been overexaggerated for 99% of them lands in the uninhabited desert anyway.

And while Palestinians only have stones and homecooked flares, Israel builds up it’s arsenal while weaponry is graveyarded due to overuse or to replace it with even more deadly weapons like can be seen here

So next time, you read or hear a rocket is coming from Gaza. Get Facts!

47 million pieces of ammunition

In just 3 years, namely from 2007-2009, US taxpayers funded enough bullets to kill every1 in Palestine 10 times over.

Not only for the army.

Israel arms illegal settlers as well for a rampage disguised as “protection”. While no Palestinian can come even near an illegal settlement without loosing his life, savage settlers go on rampage in the West Bank of Palestine and committed in 2011 over 870 violent offenses against Palestinians.

Watch the full album of the training of the settlers

In operation Summer Seeds, Israel supplied, armed and trained these settlers for the use of these weapons as well. So if you read Israel is crying out loud about the settler violence they can’t control, know the facts… Settler violence is merely an extension of the Israeli Forces Job, who by the way accompany the crazy settlers on rampage most of the times as well.

Operation Summer Seeds

3,3 Million $ a Year

Is the price of only 1 US Congressman per year,  of which the AIPAC lobby took 81 to Israel, to learn how to represent Israel and it’s atrocities in stead of the US or Human Rights for Palestine.

But please US Americans, do not complain for if Palestine has to be flexible, please be so as well…

Or at least deny for Netanyahu  said: America is a thing you can move very easily’

Everything is and will be done to keep you paying tax to fund the apartheid. They even have manuals for that howto convince you.

Read: The “We Believe in Israel-Toolkit” (PDF)

10 Million Shekels

Avigdor Lieberman pulled out of the Israeli tax-box, to teach the Israeli diplomatics to tweet, at least as a follow up for a previous campaign so you all stay believing in the lies and myths, for truth does not matter, only buttons do, to mute the truth

For every button will be pushed to prevent truth reaches you – or when it does – it will be encountered by propaganda, lies.

Or money is put in courses to alter online content even in attempts to change history itself!

2000$ a month for 5 hours a week

Is paid to students to spread propaganda on the social networks. This is a rough 92 $ an hour to dish you lies and myths and distract you from the reality and ugly truth.

Click to enlarge

Read all about the latest effort of hasbara

Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

And meet Israel’s “pretty face”:

How National Union of Israeli Students does government’s propaganda dirty work|

The previous 1.6 Million $

To recruit and instruct new media warriors not seemed to be effective enough for zionism so you won’t notice…

Over 400 Lives daily in fatal danger

Because of infringement of the Human Right to medical treatment or…  too late for them
In a recent report by Israeli Physicians for Human Rights facts are shown, racist policies cost many lives and decrease the life expectancy as well as birth-rate among Palestinians living inside Israel.  A shocking report

Avoidable Mortality Deaths

0,5 Million Palestinians post 1967

Due to post-1967 avoidable mortality (excess mortality)

The fundamental messages from the World War 2 Jewish Holocaust (6 million victims, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) and the WW2 Holocaust in general (30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead) are “zero tolerance for racism” and “never again to anyone” are effectively only mentioned in commemorations, but in reality Israel deploys the same policies to cause avoidable mortality and deprivation of which 1 million of their own kin have been slained in a silent passive genocide.

0,3 Million excess death and 0,2 Million <5 Infant Mortality

Of the post-1967 avoidable mortality (excess mortality) of which 90% had been avoidable, if Palestine had been in some decent circumstances for even an occupier has obligations which it violates… every day .

In the over 40 year occupation and mass imprisonment of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (current population about 4 million), post-1967 excess deaths total 0.3 million and post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 0.2 million. There are 7 million Palestinian refugees; 2,400 Occupied Palestinian infants are “passively murdered” by war criminal Apartheid Israel EVERY YEAR; 85% of Indigenous Palestinian Christians have fled; and outstanding Jewish South African Government Minister and hero in the fight against Apartheid, Ronnie Kasrils, describes the Zionist-occupied Holy Land as “worse than Apartheid” (see:… )

Not only it’s obligations Israel ignores, it ignores International Law, Regulations, as well as:

224 UN Resolutions

Concerning Israel while Palestine is the target of none at all

173 Children died

Due to denial of medical care or denial to ACCESS medical care. A new report from Al-Mezan Dec 2011

Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel, as the occupying power, not only has a duty to ensure medical supplies reach hospitals in the OPT, but to ensure and maintain the services of the hospitals too. As High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, other states not only have a moral duty but also a legal obligation to ensure Israel abides by its commitments to the protected population of the OPT.

As a States Party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israel is obliged under Article 24 of the treaty to recognise the right of every child under its effective jurisdiction “to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no child is deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services”

450 Dialysis Patients get a slow dead

Dec 2011 – Israel denies medical supplies while it is obliged to by International Law. As a result, over 450 patients suffer slow toxification of their bodies, torture by passive aggression while the world neglects to sanction Israel for neglect of it’s duty towards patients & humanitarian morals. Read the post IsraelKills Dialysis in Gaza

Update May 2012 – During the past months several times a state of emergency was announced for the same reason, people dependant on dialysis keep being deprived of supplies. In this blogpost you find a PHOTO REPORT recalling not only depletion of supplies and/or medication for  dialysis patients, also for Thalassaemic and Cancer patients.

Update May 20, 2012 – Reported from Gaza, child vaccines are depleted now for over 2 months. An extended report can be read here. Immunization and water, are the two primary conditions to reduce child infant mortality. The vaccines do not enter due to the Israeli siege.

Over 77 massacres

Were committed only to create  the “State of Israel”

Here is a List

In the Nakba 0.8 Million Palestinians we’re exiled, 15.000 people we’re killed.  Of the exiled people 100.000 ( 80% ) of Christian Palestinians fled.

24.000.000 Million Lives

Is the human cost of Israel, namely the effect on excess death in its neighbours due to its war and occupation policies. Using UN Population Division data one can estimate that the 1950-2005 excess deaths in all countries partly occupied by the State of Israel in the last 60 years totalled 24 million. The breakdown (1950-2005 excess deaths/2005 population) for the State of Israel and its violated neighbours is as follows:

Israel [0.095m/6.685m =1.4%]
Egypt [19.818m/74.878m = 26.5%]
Jordan [0.630m/5.750m = 11.0%]
Lebanon [0.535m/3.761m = 14.2%]
Occupied Palestinian Territories [0.677m/3.815m = 17.7%]
Syria [2.198m/18.650m = 11.8%]
Total = 23.858m/106.854 = 22.3%

(See: “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007:

Now: 5000 Palestinians Annual

in  Occupied Palestinian due to  avoidable under-5 infant death total 2,400; Annual violent deaths total about 800 (20% children);

Annual excess deaths total 5,000

Deaths in custody at the hands of a racist, Apartheid regime.

If you have no idea at all about avoidable mortality or excess death due to Israeli policies, watch the video:

Baby Firas from Gaza – video

The largely, totally unknown and ignored facts about the genocide on Palestine, can be read in this research

242 people assassinated in 2011

The victims of the ongoing genocide on Palestine:

The Martyrs of Occupation 2011

Update May 22, 2012: In 2012 so far 78 people lost their lives because of siege, direct and passive violence.

as a result of only one of the tools out of the zionist toolkit:  Ethnic cleansing Palestine by passive and violent aggression and get rid of all of it’s indigenous people left , after:

750.000 people expelled

in 1948 during the Nakba of which

100.000 Christians as well

Still believing the myths it is about Arabs, Muslims bla bla? Wrong! Zionism targets Christians as well…  They still undergo occupation, apartheid and daily attacks and violence as well. But H(ill)ary says Palestine has to be flexible so neither have to complain about the largest ethnic cleansing operation since 1948…. And the reality: If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed

350 Palestinian Towns

Have been eradicated from the face of earth .

Every Red Dot on this Map once was a Palestinian Town,

Ethnic cleansed village. Vanished.

The process is going on daily, especially in the bedouin towns like Al-Araqib which has been demolished over 25 times in 2011 only. In total over 34 times.

For more information about the ethnic cleansing of bedouin villages:

Forum Dikium Website

To witness ethnic cleansing (or how Israel calls “relocation”) with your own eyes watch this video

Ethnic Cleansing – Caught on Camera – video

400 homes in 2011

Have been demolished to make place for illegal settlements

A picture shows a general view of the illegal Jewish settlement of Pisgat Zeev in East Jerusalem on August 11, 2011 as Israel’s interior minister has given final approval for the construction of 1,600 new settler homes in east Jerusalem, prompting a furious reaction from Palestinian officials.

13 Building Permits

91 Building permits have been issued by Israel to Palestinians during the years 2000-2007, which is 13 a year. While hundreds of structures are demolished every year, people are evicted or homes are taken over by settlers (without a permit at all)

800 Palestinians in 2011

Have been displaced only this year, and the year has not yet ended. Israel, creating new refugees every day.

57.000 Bedouin to be cleansed

Because the only democracy in the middle east , the Israeli parliament approved plans to “transfer” 30,000 Palestinian Bedouin from the Negev. Transfer is kind of a “flexible” term if you watch with your own eyes how transfering by Israel works. Besides the 30.000 Bedouin Israel approved to ethnically cleanse from the Negev, it also approved the ethnic cleansing of 27.000 Palestinian bedouins in Area C of West Bank of Palestine itself. Report B’Tselem

In 2005, an advisor to Shimon Peres told US that Negev “development” plan meant “relocation” of 65,000 Bedouin citizens (See: Source)

For the sake of illegal expansion

as well for the sake of expansion of illegal colonies. Also one of the ways to get rid of Palestinians…

Read more about the by media covered reports of illegal settlement expansion in the

Category Settlement Construction

If you can not detain them:

Over 750.000 Palestinians

Have been imprisoned by Israel since 1967 while

1/4 of the Palestinian Population

has been put behind bars, which makes them the most jailed nation in the world.

1 Israeli

was in Palestinian Captivity. Just 1. Now (Nov 2011) none at all. Captive Shalit was released.

6000 Palestinian Prisoners

Currently are being abused, denied human rights and tortured in Israeli prisons

90% is denied a Lawyer

only 10% of Palestinian detaineed gets a lawyer. Besides this, Israel violates International Law by detaining prisoners outside occupied territories, making thus impossible family visits as well. Detention inside Israel in violation of Fourth Geneva’s Article 76

900.000 $ Business

Is the profit of the arresting children business in Palestine. In just 9 months Israel collected this amount only by arresting and posing fines to parents in Jerusalem only.

100 torture methods

Israel developed to use on and against Palestinian prisoners even on children

1500 Children

Have been rounded up in 2010 in Israel’s State War on Palestine’s kids

Detained and abused…

Stone cold justice: Illegal detention and torture of Palestinian Children

For an overview of arrested children since Jan 1, 2012 . The youngest child arrested was 6 years old. Was kidnapped from the street and against every law and regulation interrogated without presence of his parents for 4 hours long.

1472 Children died

Since the year 2000, due to Israeli attacks

100 tons on bombs

Israel dropped only on the first day of the latest great ground assault on GazaOperation Cast Lead in which

1417 Palestinians died in 22 days

Of which many children, even sleeping in their beds, slained

60.000 Palestinian homes

We’re damaged in 22 days of indiscriminate bombing and airstrikes

15.000 shekels

Was the additional fee aside Israel forced Basem Hijazi to raze a ten square meter part of his home in the west bank of Palestine with his own hands

1 tent

And a man’s life. Mohamed al-Kurd was thrown out of his own house. He was not as “lucky” and able to be “flexible” as H(ill)ary wants Palestine to be. After being exiled out of his house he put up a little tent with his family and remaining belongings. Settlers and army came demolish even this every night. And in the end he died. While Israel’s never satisfied put up hundreds of tents in a bid for lower prices of cottage cheese and high rents. No one complains about the free taken homes of Palestine.

670.000 truckloads

Construction materials Gaza needs . But only an average of 715 enter per month,  at 11% of pre-blockade levels.

10.000 Construction workers

There was no crisis in Gaza as they want you to believe but the employment in construction is only  42 percent of pre-blockade levels.

290 Truckloads in 7 months

290 truckloads of exports were allowed out of Gaza between November 2010 and May 2011. Before the siege, more than 960 truckloads a month exited Gaza. This is only five percent of pre-blockade levels.

2807 Truckloads Weekly Import

In 2011, only a weekly average of 900 truckloads of goods entered Gaza

Over 200 People died, 800 wounded

Since 2006, in tunnels to circumvent the suffocating siege on Gaza to get essentials and basic needs into Gaza which Israel prevents from entering.

8 to 12 Hours Daily Blackout

Due to lack of fuel, the Gaza Power Plant runs at 45 percent capacity, leading to daily blackouts of eight to twelve hours.

Blackouts cost lives.

People in need of dialysis, breathing appartuses (like displayed in the picture on the right, the family of this boy needs to pump air into the lungs of their child/brother for every minute without electricity) and all other life maintaining electronics or aparatuses, dialysis machines, surgery- equipment and more.

5 percent drinkable water

The Gaza aquifer provides 90 percent of Gaza’s water. Only ten percent of that water meets the standards of being suitable for consumption. Water-borne diseases cause 26 percent of illnesses in Gaza.  Which is only known since 2005 and documented. The deliberate pollution by Israel of Palestine’s water resources, sewerage or denial of entry of materials to repair cause deaths

80.000 Cubic Meters Sewage a day

Gaza authorities must release into the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis.B ecause of lack of treatment capacity and electricity, cause by the illegal blockade of Gaza

70 Wells & Water Structures demolished

Over 70 water structures have been demolished by Occupation Forces in 2011 only. To deprive the people of their own natural resources as stated in UN resolution 3005 entitled to Palestinians

85 % of the Sea

to which Gaza fishermen are entitled to use for fishing, is controlled by Israel and unaccessible for Gaza’s fishermen for who only the first 3 Nautical Miles are to use after Israel took various unilateral moves to restrict the International Maritime Law of 20 Nautical Miles further since the Bertini Agreement.  Even within these 3 NM fishermen are attacked, abducted and killed, or their boats sunk, shot or demolished by Israeli Naval Attacks

100 $ a Month

Is the income of 90% of the 4000 Gaza Fishermen, risking their lives every day to try to earn a living for their families.

178 medications Zero Stock Level

Gaza’s hospitals are at “zero stock levels” for 178 of 480 essential medications with another 69 at low stock.

295 Medical supplies Zero Stock Level

Of 700 essential medical supplies, 260 are at “zero stock levels” (update dec 4, 2011)

300.000 Palestinians

Since the blockade began, the number of Palestinian refugees are completely unable to secure access to food and lacking the means to purchase even the most basic items, such as soap, school stationery and safe drinking water  has tripled to 300,000.

75 Million Shekels

Israel allocated to suppress people in “possible” non-violent protest, rehearsing their human right ( UDHR 20(1) “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.” ) to assembly,  demonstrate for Human Rights, statehood recognition, or at least to create awareness for the violations they daily have to undergo. Daily collective punishment in every way imaginable like…:

200.000 Palestinians

Are daily restricted in movement, another violation of Human Right (UDHR Art. 13:1:”Everyone has the right 2 freedom of movement & residence within the borders of each state”)  due to the checkpoints, roadblocks, closures, curfews and more.

522 Roadblocks and Checkpoints

H(ill)ary says you need to be flexible. Of course as well with the lies of Netanyahu during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, where he told the number had dicreased. From OCHA: 522 roadblocks & checkpoints obstruct Palestinian movement in the West Bank, compared to 503 in July 2010.

495 ad-hoc ‘flying’ checkpoints

Additional to the 522 roadblocks flying checkpoints are increased from 351 to 495 (Sept 2011)

120.000 families denied

The right to be together. Israel’s discriminatory and zionist policies to separate families in one of the many modus operandi to make people’s lives miserable

77,5 % of Palestinian Land

Is unaccessible for Palestinians. And even the remaining land and assets are being exploited. Dispossession & Exploitation: Israel’s policy in the Jordan Valley & northern Dead Sea For a comprehensive report, May 2011 | View summary or full report or download the report: PDF

135 Illegal settlements & 100 outposts in Area C

UN Security Council Resolution 446 of the 4th Geneva Convention calls upon Israel to desist from transferring its own population into the oPT.

The UN Security Council has affirmed the criminality of Israel’s settlement enterprise on numerous occasions. Resolution 465 of 1980 for example begins by:

Affirming once more that the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949 is applicable to the Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem,

Deploring the decision of the Government of Israel to officially support Israeli settlement in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967,

Deeply concerned over the practices of the Israeli authorities in implementing that settlement policy in the occupied Arab territories, including Jerusalem, and its consequences for the local Arab and Palestinian population,

And then:

  1. Determines that all measures taken by Israel to change the physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure or status of the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, or any part thereof, have no legal validity and that Israel’s policy and practices of settling parts of its population and new immigrants in those territories constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War and also constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East;
  2. Strongly deplores the continuation and persistence of Israel in pursuing those policies and practices and calls upon the Government and people of Israel to rescind those measures, to dismantle the existing settlements and in particular to cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction and planning of settlements in the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem;
  3. Calls upon all States not to provide Israel with any assistance to be used specifically in connexion with settlements in the occupied territories;

In 2004, the International Court of Justice in The Hague reaffirmed that Israel’s settlements and its separation wall in the West Bank are illegal and countries should act to prevent and reverse them.

722.000 colonists inhabit illegal settlements

722.000 Illegal colonists inhabit the West Bank illegally.

That means that 1 in every seven Israelis lives outside of 1967 borders and explains why the country is rapidly becoming a unitary state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan.  Which convenes with the big plan to annexate all Palestinian land as is also mentioned in the Likud “mission statement”:

Likud ~ “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

Likud ~ “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river”

All Facts about Israel having NO PLAN AT ALL for peace nor talks about peace, but further landgrab can be found here

2.5 Million (Olive) Trees

Over 2.5 million have been uprooted, torched, stolen or otherwise destroyed. (See Report Page 31)

Olives represent 25% of the agriculture of Palestine are destroyed by Israel or Israeli colonists, uprooted for violating Palestinians livelihood or to make space for settlements or just are being stolen by “Jewish” colonists who forgot their own divine teaching.

“When you lay siege to a city and wage war against it a long time to capture it, do not destroy its trees, wielding an ax against any food-producing tree. Is a tree of the field a man who will come against you in the siege?” (Deuteronomy 20:19)

50.000 New Illegal Settler Homes

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality plans to build more than 50,000 new homes in the city’s occupied eastern sector over two decades:

23,628 homes have already been approved, 20,263 in East Jerusalem and 3,365 in the west.
13,824 are pending review, 12,819 in East Jerusalem and 1,005 in the west.
23,266 housing units are still in planning stages, 19,281 in the east and 3,985 in the west.

Of these, the municipality plans:

10,366 homes in northern East Jerusalem, including illegal Israeli settlement Pisgat Zeev and Palestinian town Beit Hanina.
5,239 homes in southern East Jerusalem, including Gilo settlement and Palestinian district Beit Safafa.
4,886 new units in central eastern Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and Jerusalem’s Old City.

(See report:

Israel Approved to build in the Illegal Occupied Jerusalem are of West Bank Palestine, inside the remaining 22% of Palestinian Lands

100% Annexation of the West Bank

But even with this Israel is not satisfied. It never was and never will until the whole of Palestine is annexated for it only is looking for the “Greater Israel“. So Knesset to vote on full Israeli annexation of the West Bank

20 Years of Talking

  • PLOIsrael Peace Process
    • A. Madrid Conference 1991
    • B. “OSLO I” Accord –Declaration of Principles 1993
    • C. Cairo Summit 1994
    • D. “OSLO II” Accord –Interim Agreement 1995
  • PNA-Israel Peace Process
    • A. Interim Agreement on Hebron 1997
    • B. Wye-River Negotiation 1998
    • C. Sharm Al-Sheikh Conference 1999
    • D. Camp David Negotiation 2000
  • Peace Process after Second Intifada
    • A. US President Clinton Peace Initiative “Bridging Proposals” 2000
    • B. Sharm Al Sheikh Peace Conference 2000
    • C. Mitchell Report 2001
    • D. Tenet Plan 2001
    • E. Taba Negotiations 2001
    • F. Quartet and the Roadmap 2002
    • G. Saudi Peace Proposal 2003
    • H. Aqaba Summit 2003
    • I. Geneva Initiative 2003
    • J. Sharm Al-Sheikh Summit 2005
    • K. Cairo Talks – Palestinian Factions’ National Dialogue 2005
    • Peace Valley Plan (Blair ) May 2007
    • Annapolis Peace Conference
And than we came to 2010, a new round of peacetalks of which Netanyahu, before they even started said:

0% Concessions

Aug 30, 2010, so over one year ago, before peacetalks in 2010, Netanyahu vowed to make NO CONCESSIONS AT ALL.  And said before going into “peacetalks”: The “Eretz Israel” stretches from the Mediterranian Sea to the River Jordan which includes the West Bank of Palestine as well as Gaza (and even more) for Bibi said it: Israel is not big enough for jewish state.  In an op-ed in New York Times, DannyDanon said the same: “Making the Land of Israel Whole”  and recently Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin reiterated it by saying: “The land of Israel is ours in its entirety

63 Years of Violations

HumanRights, which supposed to be universal, are VIOLATED for 63 years for the so called “security” of Israel

100% Ill!

We think the only flexibility needs to come from occupied brains who have been funneled up with lies and not able to think out of the hasbara-box, Hillary needs to advice to fund less weapons and more psyhological treatment to all people who think, Palestine needs to be more flexible.

The list above is far from complete for this is only a half hour summary, we could go on for months with statistics and facts. Maybe we will do that. At least this topic will be updated and spreaded for awareness, until the world understands that flexibility is a very ill term to determine the attitude of a nation which has endured every crime possible and still is undergoing such on daily basis.

Dear Mrs. Clinton. These kind of remarks make you really “look” ill…..

Feel free to spread, reblog or to submit more facts with the form below. Please include the resource for we are not “flexible” at all regarding Palestine’s reality.

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More (‘Price Tag’) Attacks by Jewish Colonists in Palestine

lers torch 2 cars and a car wash station – Jan 4, 2012

Settlers Attack on a Mosque & 5 Cars – Dec 19, 2011

“Milchamah” – “War” Settlers attack a mosque Dec 15 2011

J’lem Mosque set alight in ‘price tag’ attack Dec 14, 2011

Settlers vandalize Muslim graves in Jerusalem – Nov 10, 2011

Christian & Muslim Cemeteries vandalized by zionists in Jaffa – Oct 7, 2011

Radical Jewish terrorists torch Mosque in Tuba – Oct 3, 2011

Settlers Cut Down 200 Olive Trees inh Qusra – Oct 6, 2011

Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

The full album and resources about Settler Violence

Click to see the Album Ethnic Cleansing of Negev Bedouin

Click to see the Album House Demolitions

Click to see the Album Settlement Construction

Not only Muslims Palestinians are subjected to Israel’s Policies:
Zionist Crimes Against Christianity

Click to see the Album: Christians in Palestine

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Forget all details! It’s just about this!

Supported by… AIPAC

Funded by….

And all those supporting it paying for this…

Last but not least….

Or listen to Jewish mankind with a real conscience

Don’t think it’s about “Arabs” or “Islam”… we are all Goyim!

Something to ponder about…
For who not sees or who’s eyes are still closes. IOA has become exactly and even worse than those, they feared and hated once themselves. Using the same atrocities, policies to oppress, ethnically cleanse and eradicate human beings. Creating a new Shoah (Holocaust) for the Palestinians in 1948 with Al Nakba, and sustaining it by hasbara and the world’s ignorance or at least those not using their own mind to reconsider the realistic facts. So Hasbara in 16 words explained:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it…”
~ Joseph Goebbels

…will be updated of course with related news or relevant counter “cyber truth ammo”. Stay Human, stay safe and Free Palestine!

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Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

Settler Violence

Click to see the Album Ethnic Cleansing of Negev Bedouin

Click to see the Album House Demolitions

Click to see the Album Settlement Construction

Not only Muslims Palestinians are subjected to Israel’s Policies:
Zionist Crimes Against Christianity

Click to see the Album: Christians in Palestine

More pictures in the Gallery Images | الصور

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